I’m hungry, so I’ll have
to get something to eat. Yeah. Have you got a
table for eight? All right. You guys ready to eat? Yeah. Always. I don’t think people even
realize how much food we eat. Got the meat sweats. Being this size, you gotta eat
about 10,000 calories a day. I have to eat
10,000 calories a day, and I have to eat
every couple hours. It is literally
costing me thousands and thousands of dollars. How many should we order? What does a normal
family of four order? Maybe five, six
soft shell crabs. Why don’t you
go 10 times that. Whoa. Let’s do, like, 50 burgers. Wings as well? Either chicken wings. Couple hundred or whatever
you got in the back. It’s a snack. Can I get two of the rib eye? My favorite thing
to eat is steak. Oh, yeah. That’s looking good. It just provides more
nutritional content. I really try to stick
with stuff that’s going to fuel my body adequately. Can I get two
pepper-crusted sirloin alfredos with double meat? Can I have a
wood-fired rib eye? I’m going to do two of the
12-ounce wood-fired rib eyes. And throw in a ribs
and brisket combo too. It is not cheap
to be Brian Shaw. So guys, this is
Castle Oatcakes. This is my favorite
place to eat. These guys just decided to
name an oatcake after me. The Beast. So tell us what an oatcake is. An oatcake is basically a
pancake but made out oatmeal. They do a [inaudible] special– just two bacon,
two sausage, double portion of cheese and tomatoes. Roll it up like a pancake
and just eat away. Oh my god. The first one to finish
this is the winner. I think we should have a
competition to see who can eat their steak the quickest. 12-ounce. You up for that?
– I’m up for it. Steak race? Steak race. Loser buys dinner. 10,000 calories a day. It makes it a lot easier if
you make a game out of it. So you guys want to make
this interesting, then? Two minutes, as
many as you can. Whoever eats the
least is buying. So are you ready? On your marks, get
set, three, two, one. On your marks, get set, go. Go. Go. Tastes like chicken. Oh my god. That sausage, it’s so good. Really good. Brian was eating
it like a burrito. I’ve always been tall
and big my entire life. And luckily, I don’t
like being normal, and I love being
really, really big. How are you doing, Obie? I’m not doing good, man. [laughter] I was gagging. I couldn’t be in
that space anymore because I felt my saliva
start to get warm like right before you throw up. Oh my god. So much cheese. It’s got, like, six freaking
sausages in there, four and a half pounds of cheese. Honestly, I still feel a little
gagging about it right now. Looks like Brian’s picking
up an octopus with its legs– [inaudible] falling
out the bottom. I don’t know if I’m
gonna finish this. Come on, Nick. Brother, you’re not gonna– Get it, Nick. Oh my gosh. I’m not enjoying this, man. This is actually pretty good. Inside the middle of it was
this green, weird, disgusting center. This is gross. These crabs were
genuinely the most disgusting things I’ve ever put
in my mouth in my entire life. I thought it was
pretty good I don’t know what they’re complaining about. I like a little
squish, a little guts. It’s a good meal. What the– where
the hell did that go? He’s hidden some in his beard. He literally ate an
entire steak in 90 seconds. I was just absolutely
amazed at it– and horrified. Ladies, ladies. It wasn’t that bad. Honestly, I think I
could have ate it faster. Go for number seven. You want to have some beans? Can we box the rest
of these up to go? It actually tastes pretty good. Oberst is literally
a human dumpster. Who’s getting the check? Oh, that’s me. Brian, I consider that done. Well done, buddy. Thanks, guys. Round of applause for Brian. Game over. Who wants dessert? [burp]