[Applause] I gotta watch how close I go you know blow the camera out nothing man just chillin at Apollo cold and California still exists skip the last fantastic national point standings oh you know I like to like underperform on practice days everybody's like and Wesson's oh man and then my I come out for nationals new pants dirty boots yeah I don't have a pressure washer but I have a washing machine but I mean these are new pants still I can at least wash my gear but not my boot factory bike to change the rear fender cuz they keep looping it out you mean the biggest biggest difference I mean just like sort of the way it handles it's just all around better I guess you could say and yeah we could make some good results on that thing what about talk about off so much national no don't be dumb ik I'm clocking me on the watch today stop off you go on turtle face proper right there yeah you'll just feel tell me a little bit what do you got now yeah I like to have a little honey honey sweets I like sweets but I don't have sweet somewhere so I just have some honey use me it back are you in this point standings right now in the stopwatch no shoes are you kind of just like I'm sure somebody has me in the standings I don't keep trying standings but I I think I've been like I don't know it's I feel good right now I mean I in a good spot I've been riding super well flakes feeling really good it's ready for Sacramento how's the power the whips feeling yeah Paulo there's a few scrub jumps I could not throw it around a little bit calendars that's about it that's all I about hold tracks we've been riding so yeah I'm feeling comfortable I can fill a blank around have fun and I felt like I've been able to do that lately it's a good sign it's a real good sign I'm liking it I feel good healthy going fast feel fit so everything's no laps yet like I'll have to move I'll have the quickest finger for sure so we'll see last round stop watch Nationals out here follow race way we're looking t1 I think everyone out here is looking for you know everyone just the column feel like they're on top stop up you have to get a technical stopwatch right now more than one button have one wife be on stops dude so she crack the whip maybe not today but some days some days or or back in our own domain at the ranch then then she's on her own turf it's a confidence you just came in from Emoto what's going on I was a motive – laughs at a time just out here last-minute testing getting some things situated and what well-known work more good Saturday afternoon so I do the best we can search of an external edge because that's what your name so last minute there's no point today save it for Saturday yeah stop boys no we're just down here at Hangtown or Paula I don't know it's kind of everyone here so could be either one how important is your results today stopwatch national results are very important today for comments heading into around the world of Hangtown looking to get p1 today but if not at the same time then we really don't care about lap times if we're not in the past guy we really don't care are you gonna get in everyone's head should already have been done by now yeah just funnier Paula got a Moto's to do today kind of the last day before we head to hang town for press day so touching up to put the finishing touches on the old bond today and the bike you are you do a little pawn any over the job go over your competitors get in the head before next weekend now I know it's whatever I'm all focused on myself right now trying to make me better and they can do whatever they want to do here here right now show me there a little bit it's out speed test it I hope so I used to do and I played baseball back in the day so just going back to the roots I guess I was colder on the stopwatch as you get I hope you make my times oh boy sign it for the first time really excited I mean we've been racing we've been doing super broad for quite a while now so I'm just ready for something new I know what to expect for the new start three impossible how's that new stuff Jack does it help your mindset go to the track and you feel like good luck yesterday I played I fell in three seconds faster that's gear I feel like so loose but yeah I love this stuff it's super nice perfect a little insight into the final round today at the stopwatch – yeah it's gonna it's been a long series I'm out here for two weeks yeah I feel like I've been doing pretty good it's like my times they good but yeah last round for Cape Town to be good squad 32 30s and yeah you are early check-in walljump has been a topic of conversation and hey all I'm saying is I haven't seen anybody jump over like I did high jump doe last Tuesday I was here I jumped over it so everyone's going around it so I don't know I'm kind of stuck like do I go over or go around it like do I mean three seconds slower everybody go over it or go around it what's it what's the jury I'm cutting a corner to get that one fast lap to get the minds of everybody well that's why I feel like the whole thing with the wall jump is so like everyone's just trying to go as fast they possibly can for a last time when all it really doesn't matter when it goes to hang town so we'll see we'll see you then everyone have a stopwatch in their hand so you feeling good though oh yeah I'm feeling ready for outdoors and [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] new year nuke it right here about a month or so ago and I was excited nothing against like alias I liked wearing it the support was awesome fun throwing up you know you see everybody all the good guys in Fox like Stewart not Michael I actually never got to Saran Fox growing up amateur anything's up on a psyched man I can't wait you get to do it at the final round of the stopwatch special yeah I got kicked outta Julius this morning at 9 a.m. we came straight here straight to the stopwatch this is actually like round one in the Nationals it's pretty crazy I think there's more people out there that I've never seen before now that's part of it if you're living till Southern California you used to this part of it you're the first round to jump the wall today yeah this morning in the warm-up I saw this they always have this wall on the back end as rollers after and I'm like man I'm sick a role in this thing so I'm going to try to end it and actually end up making it just fine I did all mo to come alone over jumpsuit some some bottom outs buddy man that jumps fun and you get some some deep breaths in there to catch yourself once you juror on going around there we go around it what do you mean like some guys are trimming the trip yeah yeah I was like walljump police last week I don't know if anybody saw my Instagram story but I'm Alan just taking the rail line you know an inspiration they have banners and stuff that you can't do that but out of here it's all about getting the fast lap time I guess but it doesn't matter come race day everybody will see you ever try and cut a corner just to get one really fast lap doesn't everybody I used to I'd say a couple of years ago but I'm too old for that now we have options on the wall Joe what's your verdict yeah there's always options you know it's got all these little kids that like like a scrub off the complete side of it which is like 90% of the guys so it's like you're really what do you get the race you can't scrim off the side so just hit the normal but I'll either just launch it out or I'll just hit it slow all the back side nice and smooth it's an hour what model is that it's the the AI m69 Scott Lillis edition is the Hat does the ad speed a shade well I mean I definitely adds shade as a conversation piece but but primarily for function I'd say this is actually second edition purchased in Sebastopol California we had a flea market and then I had to return after my first one got blown out so yeah that's that's pretty much the story behind the Hat and now I'm wearing it it's on my head you see you live here we are are you like the guy at the airport that has a carry-on bag just gonna have to have case no that is one thing I am NOT I this is pretty much SoCal only hat meant living in Florida now I've considered doing something or either going out to a flea market down there and find a hat but I have not yet acted on does the Hat go to hang town probably not I don't yeah I don't know probably not let's talk about lap times are you I don't know if you know but there is a national going on today yeah man it's the Paulo Invitational laptime national and I say Invitational and everyone's invited as well as their mom and their mom's cousin's dog but yeah it's packed out here everyone's going fast and seems like all of us to you guys is mano a mano about the same face yeah do you taunt anybody over the jumps to let them know you're gonna be there next weekend yeah I just you know stay with my chest hey watch out on the track team here right so new gear dirty boots I wouldn't say new gear but yeah talk about the East Coast boys taking over Supercross rookie season give me a recap of it I'm just trying to represent Jayla knowledge kiddos it was good I'm pretty happy and how I did this year wanting out of the podium but then happy but it's all good keep my head up and get him next to you pretty much what I missed I missed the man in Tampa and then I got docked in oniton I probably would end up around top five but ain't ain't mad yeah one through twelve what do you think about the stopwatch Nationals oh we're like full effect of that that man right there I call him coach P these folds back from soft wash I'm gonna go ask him about it get the trigger though you have to stop bus ready yeah I do I think the battery might be a little worn out because one lap to take so long for him to get around the track so I use a lot of battery but I think they're gonna go so we're probably around 12 in the stopwatch Nationals it might be the final round here bull frost is only a ground for we've been in North Carolina so this is kind of still kind of new to us but I'm already burned out on ya so who's in the lead points Jacob probably on your ear or if not in the front ain't no rest for the wicked yeah I got out here came out my hair for Vegas and started really really focus on outdoor title probably more focus on the outdoor title dad kind of show it the last year just gotta gotta get back at it we start this weekend at hang town and and can't be slacking off there's about 400 people i never its timing everybody yeah let them do their thing I think me and Justin are really putting in the work – he's gonna be really really fast come Hangtown and yeah I say I say a lot of time let's let him let him getting discouraged what do you think about the wall yeah yeah pretty high haha it was a little scary the first time I just had to follow Justin right off Alice I was actually going to the left of it and I kind of told myself that wasn't really fair so I just just followed Justin on foot first time I made it clean and it send you up there pretty high I'm sure I wasn't gonna show up with with the buzzer he's gonna come up behind me then little does he know I'm gonna be running a col de sac I'll just change the top where ever need to change it why not let the top breathe a little bit back I know right I was thinking about just wearing a beanie and then just cutting around the beanie like a fini cut it's not that hot right now though no we're good right now but once we get some of the hotter rounds I'm sure I'm gonna just one day just show up all shave it like full ball no not gonna Yap I'm in trim the beard yeah last round before the first round of stopwatch Nationals yeah honestly out there it's a everyone just trying to check out everyone's pit board see what they're doing but I mean it doesn't really matter I mean you're battling a 65 to try to get that fast lap so trying to keep it chill stay safe for the first round and survive this last stop watch national