♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the Internet ♪ – There we go. Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp,
physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We’re the most famous
physical therapists on the Internet. – In our opinion of course Bob. – The squat. It’s the ideal exercise
to build leg muscles. I’m given one task and I screwed up. – There you go Bob. But yeah, it is a
wonderful overall exercise as many people know. But we’re gonna go through it in detail. – By the way, if you’re
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version there everyday. – There you go. – We can move this out
of the way Brad and you can start talking about
doing quad strengthening. – Right, so, if we’re
talking about not just quads, that’s the beauty of squats Bob, we’re working a lot of quads, large muscle groups, hip muscles
those glutes, hamstrings are getting involved
and I do wanna mention we’re gonna do a little
bit of balance involved which may be of interest to some people ’cause you need strong
legs, hips for balance as well as the actual balance. – It’s hard to imagine that there’s not a person in this world that couldn’t benefit from the squats to some extent. – Right. – Unless you’re disabled or something, but I mean in all
seriousness, it’s such an important, functional move. – Right, from the body builder, the weight lifter to the person who needs to get out of a chair more easily. – Right. – For whatever reason. – Exactly and like you
said it’s gonna help their balance overall. – If you do ’em properly,
they’re gonna get that leg strength but
there are some things that if you don’t do
properly, you’re going to damage your knees. – Back.
– Back. So, we’re gonna go over that. Shall we go on? – Let’s go on. – The basics. – All right. – Now if you’re just starting, we’re gonna do it without any weights, and we’re gonna go through the body mechanics. You may need a chair or something solid to hold onto for your balance. If you don’t, that’s fine, just set it off to the side. – You might even have a chair in front of you and a chair behind you, in case you’re worried about losing your balance. – Right and this is
probably more for if you’re injured or if you’re a
senior and you have a hard time getting out
of a chair and you wanna get better at that. You don’t wanna practice
these and end up falling on the floor. – Right. – Okay, first thing we’re
gonna do is the feet are shoulder-width wide. Don’t get too wide and certainly don’t get too narrow. I have a lot of people that’ll start doing ’em like this. Take that step out, get
wide, shoulder-width wide and then the next
thing, good posture. Chin in, shoulders back, and we’re gonna start to squat down. Now you can see with me, I’m gonna see a common mistake is this. The knees will go in
commonly and that puts a lot of stress on the knees. It can damage your knees so make sure your knees are over your toes. So that’s in this angle. Now Bob, if you look at him. – Can I have the BOOYAH Stik? Look at that, just showed up. You wanted to do that, you look all crybaby there, so yeah, if you’re gonna do it wrong this way, you’re gonna go down like this and the
knees gonna actually pass the plum line going to the toe. You wanna do it so that you’re actually are gonna keep the knee
behind the plum line. – Right. – And that takes a little bit of practice. – It does take a little
practice and you gotta actually, you’re leaning
back a little more, you’re actually getting more weight onto the butt, than you are onto the quad. – I have a woman right
now, she’s 61 years old and we’re working on
these exact same mechanics and she’s having some problems with this and after the second
visit, she had practiced them and she’s getting better already. – Yeah and you may wanna start off with a shallow squat. – Right. – You could probably
maybe go down this far but as soon as you start
going down further, you might break the rule and so you wanna make sure the plum line stays. And you can use a broom handle or a cane. – Right. – Something like that to keep your … – Matter of fact, take that. Once you get to the point where you’re doing your squats, you
got your good posture, and you feel comfortable about it. One thing that really
works well if you don’t have someone to give you feedback is have a mirror, a full body
length mirror that you’re looking at both directions,
so you can see it. It made a big difference with this woman. – Oh a huge difference. The other thing, are we
gonna talk about using the stick to show that
you’re doing back correct? – No.
– You’re not gonna do that? – Okay.
– I didn’t want to. All right, but if you want to, we can. (laughing) – Now they’re gonna be wondering Brad. – Yeah, okay, we’ll do it. – Just real quick. – You do it on your shirt ’cause mine’s blue. – Okay, so you can actually take again, a broomstick, or something,
or a BOOYAH Stik. – There ya go. – And if you wanna make sure your back is staying straight and you’re body is in alignment like it’s supposed to. – Turn this way a little bit ’cause your arm is in the way. – Yeah, you go ahead and line this up and there should be three points of contact. – The sacrum, the mid-back and the head. If they’re all there, you’re body’s in perfect body alignment. – If they’re not, if you’re like this, you’re out of alignment, so you gotta keep your back straight like this while you’re doing that and you do it a few times, and then you realize you’re doing … – Do it some more Bob. Because while you’re doing that, then you also wanna make sure that you’re knee doesn’t go past there and your knees lined up here. We went through all the mechanics of the squat just like that. – Just telling my wife recently, she had hurt her back and I told her to pretend like the BOOYAH Stik is on her back, and that alone was enough. That visualization helped her realize, “I just pretend like it’s on my back.”, she goes and “I keep my back straight.” It worked well for her. – Really? – You have a really
cynical look on your face like you don’t believe me. – Well I don’t know what to say Bob. – Okay, next one Brad, what’re we doing? – Oops, you wanna move your chair out of the way please? – Sure. – Now, let’s assume you’re done with that, you feel comfortable doing your squats. You don’t need a chair. You’re balance is good,
you’re at that level. Well then we’re gonna
increase the intensity a little bit without going out and buying barbells and all that kinda thing. You’re probably not ready for that. You wanna? – Sure. – I want the BOOYAH Stik. – Okay. – So you can take a cane, you can take a broomstick, you can take the BOOYAH Stik, put it out straight in front of your shoulders, and do the same thing. You’ll find out if you do 10 of ’em without this and it’s easy, if you do this, you’re gonna find it’s a little bit harder. It challenges you more. – It’s working your core
a little bit more too. – Yeah, it challenges
your balance as well. So make sure you do 10 good ones and if that gets too easy, simply go over the top of your head, and then try ’em. – Now you’re working
on your posture a lot. It’s realigning your spine a little bit. – It changes how the muscles work. You’re gonna find out it’s a lot harder. It’s still not like
putting a hundred pounds on your back like this, but it’s a big difference from what we were doing. ♪ Reach to the sky ♪ ♪ Stand on tippy toes ♪ – Why Bob why? – Okay. – Now, after you get your mechanics and everything good that way, then we’re gonna add some weight. – Sure. – And you could use, like this, we got a five-pound dumbbell. If you’ve got a kettle bell laying around. – If you’re more of a man. (laughing) – 30 pounds. – Take the 50-pound one Bob. We’re just gonna hold some weight, whatever it may be, five or 10 pounds is gonna be enough to get started, ’cause you’ll notice that it makes a big difference. Again, the posture, everything’s the same and we’ll do the squat. And we’ll do 10 again. – As you can tell, I’m not squatting m that low. I don’t have that much range in my hips. – Well plus, he’s got dress pants on so. – There we go, that’s what it is. – It does make a difference. He’s gotta go to work after this. We don’t have time for all this stuff. You did your workout
at home already, right? – I did, I ran this morning. – So do that and at that point, if you really wanna get into squats with heavier weights, then you’ll probably have to go to the barbell. – Right. – Then you need equipment. – That’s a whole different animal too. – Right. – This is for the average person who just wants to add some strength to their life. – You’ll be amazed what you can do with this, when you do ’em properly with some simple equipment like this. – Yeah and then it’s gonna translate into your life. You’re gonna be able
to use it in your life when you go to pick up your kid or pick up the garbage, you’re gonna squat just like you normally did and you’re gonna be protecting your back while you’re doing it and you’re just gonna do everything so much better. – Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing. – It’s a wonderful life. (laughing) Thanks everybody for watching.