– Hi everybody, this is the Skin Saint. I’m so excited to help
with the national launch of the Geneo Balance Charcoal Facial. If you have congestion, oily skin, pores that might be a
little bit too large, you wanna retexturize your skin, we can oxygenate it, refine your skin and make it absolutely beautiful and it’s also very natural. We like organic ingredients. We like natural. This is gonna purify
and detoxify your skin. So, I cleansed my client’s face and we’re going to be doing the oxy pod. This is where all the magic happens. So here we go with the treatment. You’re gonna see that
we’re starting to activate that charcoal on her skin. Now I’m going to be using
that balancing serum and use it with the ultrasound. I hope you all get a chance
to try the Geneo system. It’s incredible. So all of you who might
have congested skin and looking for a no downtime,
no pain type of treatment that you can look good
in just a half an hour, this is a treatment for you.