While looking at The Sims 4 Spa Day game pack
three years after release may seem silly, it’s the situation I’ve found myself in with
starting a channel this late in The Sims 4’s life. That said I do see some benefit here – what
features do I find myself still using this long after release, and what do I find I’m
not using at all? Spa Day is a game pack that fits in very well
with other gameplay due to the powerful moodlets, so I’ve chosen it as my first coverage of
this type. We’re going to summarize the features and
how they benefit Sims for people who don’t own it, and throw in some tips for using its
features for those who do. First of all, the actual Spas. They will not be placed in your world by default. Instead, you pick a place to put them yourself. They come in your library, with a couple of
variants. They all seem to be 30×20 which is perfect
for most lots. I put it right next door to my Sim. Not that it matters much but it ‘feels’ convenient. Be careful which one you pick, as the one
I’ve chosen here has no yoga classes or meditation. It’s just a massage center. I opted to keep it to help others from repeating
this mistake. Read the descriptions to see what the building
offers. The Spas themselves show off a lot of the
content in the pack. The modern look of objects is still appealing
to me, and there are about 120 build mode items to be found. There are several services available at the
spa, all of which can be learned at home. A visit to the spa would be worthless if the
moodlets only lasted 4 hours, so many of them actually last anywhere from 12 hours to a
full day. You will, however, pay quite a bit for those
services. One service that is free and does not rely
on any particular NPC or skill is the sauna. Any Sim who uses the sauna will be relaxed
after spending time there, and Sims can chat while enjoying the steam. You can also woohoo in a sauna. Be careful Sims don’t spend too long in the
sauna though, as the happiness eventually turns to discomfort. Spend too much longer and Sims will die of
overheating Nearly all of the activities in this pack
are driven by the new skill that comes with it – Wellness. Activities from this skill will help Sims
to soothe stress, brighten or focus their moods. Sims adept in the skill can do everything
the spa workers can and more. It’s a skill that is broken down into a few
types of activities. Yoga is an activity that makes your Sim fit,
but doesn’t raise the fitness skill itself. It will provide one means of learning the
wellness skill while also burning body fat. Taking classes is a good way to raise it,
although expensive and largely unnecessary it can be entertaining to watch Sims fall
on their faces. If you do take a class, consider lighting
incense in the room to make your Sim focused and get more out of it. Yoga activities take about 90 minutes but
can give a buff that lasts for about 8 hours, which is outstanding although it takes some
time to get it as I say. A cool part about this is yoga mats are portable. This means you can take your yoga mat out
near the pond, do a 90 minute routine then do something like fish while you have that
great moodlet. Multiple types of moods can be produced, including
inspired. Next up, Sims who know wellness can provide
massages to others. Massages are really great though they naturally
require two Sims to be involved. Giving massages provides powerful moodlets
to Sims that are long-lasting, and this can be done just as well at home with the massage
table. There are three categories of massage. The first are the typical lay on the table
and get slathered in oil type, but hand and foot massages are also available and require
a special type of chair to be used. Even when Sims are low in the Wellness skill,
they can still give great massages, though a failed one can make a Sim uncomfortable. It’s unlikely to happen after a few tries,
however. New massage types are unlocked as you level
the skill, including fertility massages which boost the rate of twins and triplets. If you have a massage table but no one loves
you, you can hire a masseuse to come and visit. They’ll arrive pretty quickly. You can ask them to come ahead of time and
they’ll stand around until you need them. I discovered that if you have the foot massage
item on lot, you can get that free of charge by simply asking nicely. However, for the normal massages you will
pay the going rate. Some pretty dang good socials are also unlocked
through this skill that let you influence others’ moods. You can get happy and focused moodlets from
two of them. The last bit of wellness is meditation. This aspect of the skill is a bit weird. You learn wellness, but if you have other
skills you sometimes get a huge chunk of skill xp for a random skill. Sims who learn to meditate well get a couple
of neat abilities. Meditation soothes all forms of negative moodlets
when it is not inducing boredom, anyway. While this is happening, it also slows the
decay of positive moodlets as well as a Sim’s needs. As Sims improve in wellness, bad moods go
away faster, needs decay slower and any positive buffs they have while meditating will have
their timers extended. At max level this has bad moods going away
3x faster, with needs and positive buffs decaying at 25% of the usual rate. This allows you to fix a bad mood while keeping
the good feelings. So meditation does have a clear intended purpose,
it’s just not one you need every day. Another factor that is nice, but not often
needed is the ability to teleport that meditation provides. You do not need a meditation stool to use
this. While the ability to teleport is cool, it’s
not one that you’ll need frequently without an open world. That said there are cases where it may be
handy any time you have a long walk ahead. There are gameplay-related objects that do
not center on the wellness skill. Aquariums are one of them. You can stock your aquarium with up to five
fish, and they’re very nice looking aquariums at that. Fish put into an aquarium are fresh forever,
though you don’t need to feed them. The aquarium can be opened just like a refrigerator,
and you can transfer the fish from your inventory to the aquarium. Or, you can opt to pay to stock it. Another thing included in The Sims 4 Spa Day
are bath soaks. These seem a part of wellness but do not require
the skill at all – just money. For Sims with enough spare change, it is absolutely
worth the cost given the boost to quality for crafted objects and the easier route to
very focused, inspired, etc. The moodlets lost double or triple the usual
four hours and come in a variety of types so just about any Sim can make use of these. The utility of all of this is very present. You can start the day with a bath soak, move
on to a back rub then an optional foot and hand massage. You can then have the masseuse say some nice
words about wellness to put the Sim in a further good mood. Combining all of them gives Sims a huge mood
boost. With the ability to melt away bad moods, you’ve
got more control than usual. However the game certainly has a lot of options
for keeping Sims in the right moods at this point. It’s just that these last longer than most
other packs’ options for boosting positive moods. At this point I find myself using bath soaks
most often because they fall neatly into the daily routine, but if my Sims are a duo I
definitely like massages and the social abilities for when Sims are going to be out of the home
for a long stretch, for example like with fishing. On the path to wealth it’s often useful to
have one Sim who makes the money, while another does things around the home like upgrade objects,
cook meals, and with Spa Day, provide massages. If this seems like an overview of the wellness
skill more so than the game pack, I guess you’re right. I don’t typically look at objects that do
not impact gameplay when I’m making decisions on Sims DLC. That said, thematically the objects included
with this DLC are very nice looking and there are a lot of them. The household objects that it provides are
icing on the cake, with the cake being the actual gameplay functions you get and a lot
of them revolve around wellness. I don’t know at this stage I would have paid
$20 just for a well-rounded skill but the objects do provide a lot of extra value and
there are about 50 create-a-Sim items included across the various genders and age groups. All in all Spa Day is on the mark for what
you expect – providing means of relaxation and mood management for your Sims. In that way you get exactly what you pay for,
and the devs did go pretty far with including extra items. But being that these options mostly center
around getting your Sims into the right mood, or out of bad moods, if you have no trouble
with that you may want to seek a pack with more engaging gameplay. With Spa Day you’re using its features to
strengthen the other things you do in your gameplay, if that makes sense. I’ll put a link to my site in the description,
which has some pictures of the create-a-sim assets. You can also read a bit more in-depth on all
that the wellness and spa day activities offer your Sims. We have a Patreon in the description if you’d
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