put yourself at 20 cm from the mirror THE POWER
SELF-HYPNOSIS Arms along the body SPECIAL
MIRROR EXERCISE Look at the center DONT BLINK Tell yourself “go backward” Dr. Marco Paret
World’s expert in Nonverbal Hypnosis UNLOCKING YOUR
INNER POWER Fundamental Key DO NOT BLINK! This exercise is for boosting the energy of your Kundalini. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Look at the point just between your eyebrows. Don’t blink At a certain point, while still looking yourself in the mirror, go backwards. Go backwards! Slowly go backwards, backwards, backwards… Your arms are light Body is heavy Warmth at the solar plexus You feel warm at the solar plexus now You solar plexus is hot now Now you will clench your fists Now put your hands in front of your solar plexus. and as if you as squeezing a ball press tightly towards your solar plexus. Tightly, tightly. You are ready to do self hypnosis Put a hand on forehead and the other on the belly Put the hand from the forehead to the breast After on the belly You are centered Now open your eyes You will stay centered Do the sound OOOOH profoundly how do you feel? Fine I feel like I’m lighter a lot of weight is gone now how do you feel? Very well, I’m very relaxed! Get our Free Course: