Hi Guys! I would like to introduce one of the really good book The Title of the book is ” The Power Of Physical Exercise”, a practical guide to a healthy and in shape This book is written by Julian Melgosa Let us see How good the quality of this book Having a good cover See at the back k..here you can see a.. the whole of physical exercise is one the most beneficial activities for the integral health of human beings. Its positive effects on the physical mental, spiritual, and social domains of life have been revealed by many studies for the reason, the author suggests a series of sports highlighting the benefits they provide including the psychological elements of some. Moreover, he suggest the performance of exercise as a means to prevent and cure some of the problem that affect millions of people. Thus, he proposes practical routines that will help us enjoy a better physical and mental well-being. let us see, what are the contents of this book Its was really interesting and very good for all of us k..here you can see the contents the title or the chapter of this book consist of “A Natural Human Activity” “Exercise and Physical Health” “Exercise and Mental Health” physs..”Types of Physical Activity” “Exercise by Gender and Age” “The Challenge of Integrating Exercise into Life” “Physical Exercise in the Prevention and Treatment of Health Problems” ok…so.. Its was very useful book ok..if you want to be a.. or practice in the good way how you should exercise ok. then you should have one of this book one of this book because the contents also very interesting for all of us ok… here you see the picture and the book descriptions k.. and good a..some of the research there k of this book at home okay..because very2 useful for family, for your kids for you wife, for your spouse for your parents okay..by practice a good exercise well..a good life so that this book for all of us should have one copy of this book in they family hope