what Rick an awful day of PvP I am done I am done honey I'm sorry Milo honey bun I think I'll just watch some TV or something well hi-de-ho have you ever had enemies yes have you ever wanted to slaughter said enemies yes I really have well now you can with the all-new plague punisher with the base damage of over 3.3 k stamina levels at 34 k and 1700 recovery ooh and you want to know what the best part is what what's the best part you throw a dead skiver on the ground in it hurtles its intestinal junk at the enemy closest to you wait what come on you know you want to I don't that's not okay you know you want to give do it how do you know my name no you won't welcome everybody to the latest strange kept to a build here at Jeff Lewis I like to feed my cows Sour Patch Kids instead of grass to see what I can milk from them in other words I I make interesting builds today we're going to be looking at a crazy new build involving that fancy dragon bone set the plague slinger to be honest I've pared the setup with so many other sets just to try and make it more efficiently but in the end of course I just settled with my favorite PvP set Spriggans and a monster set that fits nicely with everything the cherry on top so to speak blood spawn and now to the build [Applause] buildin mil so of course we're gonna start off with the gear glyph straights all that useless garbage that hardly makes a build good it's the potions that matter am i right here we're using a constant five pieces of spring ins so four pieces of any kind of armor including jewelry which W and then a one-hander of Spriggans personally I prefer ax and then a bow Boop five pieces then you're gonna want four pieces of plague slinger armor and a one hander to be married to your Spriggans one hander I like having a sword here to complement then on your fat noggin you'll plop on a blood spawn heavy elm and heavy shoulders this creates a five-piece medium to piece heavy build which is what I personally prefer for blipping up this stamina based damage build it's actually quite complicated only people with an Infiniti IQ will understand what I'm about to say ol stammen on all armor all weapon damage glyphs on all jewelry all right moving on four traits try to get five Divine's and two impenetrable it will give you lots of damage and at least a bit more critical resistance on your jewelry robust enough set next up weapon glyphs and traits on your one handers your primary needs to be nirn honed probably nirn on your Spriggans weapon as it's more viable in multiple different builds and then infuse your secondary if your primary is not the nerd homes just swap it over you lose out on weapon damage if you don't forget have one with the weapon damage glyph and the other was poisoned preferably the infused weapon for your bow once again nur note if you can kill your enemy with a bow even before you pounce on them all the better I usually lift this up with a weapon damage enchant but poison also works quite well for a quick sum up of the sets Spriggans is your firepower this is the reason why you're gonna hit so dang hard with tons of stamina weapon damage and then 3,400 physical penetration blood spawn helps with recovery and plays nicely with taking damage as it has a six percent chance to gain you 14 ultimate more lovely in caps and increase your physical and spell resistance by 6,200 finally plague slinger the new kid on the block this set provides a fair amount of weapon damage and more health on top of that it plays very well with blood spawn as when you take damage you will summon an entire spoiled Skeever who will launch its poisonous innards at your foes every 15 seconds all right next up we've got one of the most important meals of the day breakfast no you little half-wits dubious kamorin throne the best meal ever craft like a thousand of these and now for potions you're gonna be going with the s of weapon power pots increasing weapon damage quit and giving back stamina these are crafted using blessed thistle dragon thorn and water hyacinth this will maximize the beginning output of damage before fights or even Jory to keep up the damage and gain some stamina back now for passives active skills and the rotation literally it's the same as every time for the passes all assassinations for damaged shadow for sustain and siphoning for more sustain and ultimate gain grab all of the dual wield passives all the bow passives all medium armor as you are ready 5 pieces and the first three passives under heavy just to gain a bit for the two pieces of heavy you are wearing under legerdemain grab improved hiding and out of the fighters guild get Slayer and skilled tracker and undaunted medal under undaunted finally get all of the assault passes as well for PvP boosts I'm a Red Guard personally just so I have a smorgasbord of stamina sustain now if you're a stamina race you could technically run this build but the two other more viable options would be either a wood elf or Khajiit for their passive towards stealth based damage now on to the skills and rotation my bars are lined up as so for dual wield you've got shadowy disguise ambush surprise attack killers blade Reapers mark and finally incapacitating strike is the ultimate for my bow bar you've got bigger and you need this because it's your only hope of survival garbage truck also known as lethal arrow poison injection shuffle and relentless focus with flawless dawn breakers the ultimate Don breaker is there exclusively for the weapon damage perk for your initial bow strikes on more to slinging poison at your enemies usually I play this build from a distance and don't worry because you do not have Plex sling or five pieces on at all times so we'll vote proc randomly giving away your location if you're going for a gank always start crouched go shuffle relentless focus shadowy disguise and then pop your potion immediately launch a little arrow and then light attacked a proctor bow enchant then a poison injection if you feel like you have enough distance to pop off to lethal arrows do it it ends well especially on enemies was less than 25 K health if that didn't screw up the enemy enough already swap to do wield and pounce on the pool like a hungry child with his happy meals now some people don't care whether or not the enemy knows watching them in that case use marks before you boast spam them but if you want to wait until they're already halfway to joining the choir invisible and mark them right after you punctured them with a few arrows once again shadowy into an ambush to gain 100% crit right after ambush in tap strike if it's up if not use surprise attack if they're above 25% health or killers blade if they're below 25% help to take advantage of that in power the entire time you're fighting your blood spawn will have the chance to generate ultimate and your skiver is going to be slinging poison at your foe always remember to use shadowing to give yourself a couple of seconds to recover and then go back in for two and you who I hope you guys enjoy spamming Cyrodiil with the set that took absolutely forever to combine with anything else for a proper PvP build but there you go but always remember if you want to strike your enemies for over 100,000 poison damage in one second remember to