“Diet Evolution” By Dr. Steven Gundry Not
only improved his health and well being but can change yours by following his heart healthy
diet. Most of the things that happen to people that
we assume are just a process of getting old, like arthritis, like high blood pressure,
like heart disease like diabetes, like cancer are actually a product of a very sophisticated
genetic computer system that says you know, this guy shouldn’t be kept around or this
woman shouldn’t be kept around and we’re going to find a way to get rid of them. It’s not
what genes you’re dealt but its the information you give those genes through the foods that
you eat that turn those genes on or turn or turn those genes off. What’s happened to us
in America and now and now around the world is that we were designed to run a particular
fuel and that fuel and that fuel has changed in the last 50 years. Its changed dramatically
without us knowing it. 50 years ago a cow was raised on grass, a chicken was out in
back of a hen house pecking at bugs and grass. Now, almost 100% of our beef is fed grain
products, 100% of our chickens are fed grain products, 3/4 of our fish are farm raised
on grain products. It turns out the fats in those animals bear no relationships to the
fats that they used to have. And we were actually designed to eat large amounts of leaves. We
share 98% of our genes with chimps and gorillas. Male gorilla eats 16 pounds of leaves everyday.
He’s 400 pounds of pure muscle, his body fat is 3% and he got all his protein for building
those muscles from eating leaves and what we’re finding is there are all sorts of unusual
little chemicals called phytonutrients or phytochemicals, phyto means plant that our
genes are looking for because they have been looking for them for millions of years because
they’ve always been there. Specifically what can people do? Well as I’ve been mentioning
before, we’re designed to eat green things. So the more green stuff you eat the leaner
you will get and the healthier you will get. Most people are shocked by how much better
they feel the more salads they eat the more green vegetables they eat. The second thing
is if it’s white you keep it out of sight. What does that mean? It means milk it means
ground up grain products like flour rice, potatoes. Correspondingly, if you bake or
cook a white food, it becomes a beige or a brown food. So if it’s beige or brown slow
down. The less of beige and brown foods that people the better their health is going to
be. There are some other easy things but believe it or not we’re only designed to take fruit
and turn it into fat in the summer to get ready for winter. Most of the people’s high
cholesterol is coming not from fat, not from transfat not what they’ve been told, but by
white foods and fruit turning into cholesterol and I am just amazed on how people’s cholesterol
plummet when they eliminate what seems to be the healthy foods. I was a fat obese heart
surgeon with prediabetes and hypertension and high cholesterol and sure enough the first
year I lost 50 pounds but within a couple of months my cholesterol had fallen 150 points.
More importantly my good cholesterol which was very low at 32 went up to 80 which I was
told that was impossible. My blood pressure which used to run 145/95 went 90/50 and my
insulin level which used to run at 16 to 18 went to 2. I started all my nurses on the
program and the same thing happened and I started my patients who I operate on and the
same thing happened and the people they come back and say I feel well, I haven’t felt
this way in so long. Your genes are looking for this stuff and we’re feeling bad because
our genes our actually trying to get our attention and say you know we’re going to have to kill
you if you keep this up.