– My name is
Suleena Kansal Kalra, and I’m a reproductive endocrine and infertility specialist at Penn Medicine. The Fertility Wellness program
at Penn Fertility Care is really for any woman
who is undergoing fertility evaluation
and treatment at our program. It can be a patient who is
just in the very initial stages of a fertility evaluation and hasn’t yet come up with
a treatment plan with her doctor or it may be for a patient who’s embarking on
yet another round of IVF. The goal of this program
is to offer this in an easy way in that it will be
at the Healing Arts Center. It’s once a week over
an eight-week period of time. All patients need to do
is call the contact information and we will get you involved
and get you plugged in to each component
of the psychotherapy support, the yoga and acupuncture. I’m really excited
about the team that we have running this program. They’re a group of
outstanding individuals who are just passionate
about taking care of women who are struggling
with infertility. Steve Mavros, of course, has been providing
fertility-centric acupuncture for over a decade,
and he has really pioneered the field of fertility
acupuncture in Philadelphia, and Pam Kelberg is just
a really devoted, invested, and outstanding psychotherapist who has a specific interest in helping women
negotiate these challenges. Certainly, it’s such a privilege
to work at Penn Fertility because I think we can
offer patients great care and great cutting-edge
medical technology and we’ve never been
more successful in helping patients
complete their families.