(orchestra crescendo) – What happens inside the
body of a Paleo athlete? Because I think it’s very
confusing for a lot of people, you look at these Paleo
athletes and they look buff, and strong, and they’re kicking ass. So, what’s going on inside
and when does it all happen? – Well, the Paleo Diet is, as you know, primarily animal-based. If you look at the
Paleolithic diet, actually, millennia ago, they were taking in between 125 and 150 grams of fiber. It was a plant-based
diet, so this idea that the Paleo diet is high-protein matches- – Well, the current. – Yeah so, the current Paleo diet, they’re taking in massive
amounts of protein. So they’re creating an acidic environment within their body, because they have to break
down that excess amino acids. And, whether you get big or not, I mean, I’ve seen some athletes train and eat an optimal diet, and they don’t get hypertrophy. So, many of these people are gonna look buff and big anyway just because of genetics and the training that they’re doing. But, you do break down the excess protein, and they’re just making their liver and their other organs work harder to convert some of the
glucose-forming proteins, or amino acids, into carbohydrates, because you need carbohydrates. So, optimally, if they
get off the Paleo diet, they’d probably be much better athletes. They’d be bigger, they
would feel a lot better and be more energetic. – So, what? There’s liver issues, heart
issues, kidney issues. – I mean it’s systemic. – Mhm. – They’re also going to be in
a greater inflammatory state. I mean, animal based diet will put you in a greater inflammatory state. – I just want to add onto what you said really quickly about Paleo. We tend to think of it
as like Paleo is here and vegans over here and it’s not really the case. There’s quite a bit of overlap, right? They’ve eliminated dairy, they’ve
eliminated refined sugars, refined grains, and
they’re eating leafy greens and things that are healthy and it almost always comes
with exercise, right? Because they learned it from CrossFit. And so when you see results it’s, one, they’ve cleaned up their diet a whole lot. And it’s like almost any
effort toward eating better, you’ll see results, right? It’s effort. And then if you’re working out, well, you’re gonna see even more results. And so, that’s why Paleo
looks so good, right? And we don’t hear about the
people who failed on it. You know, people are rarely
posting photos that are like, look, I gained this weight
because I stopped working out and I eat poorly, check it out. – And my breath is really stinky. – Right. Like, people aren’t doing that, and so you tend to think like, wow, it must work really well,
look at all these photos. You’re only seeing one side of it, and we forget that sometimes. (orchestra crecendos)