The goal of Ample is to optimally sustain
you. But how did we come up with the 29 ingredients
that make up our formula? To us, optimal means giving you the energy
and fullness you need, while also solving for long-term wellness. So we based our formula on the fundamental drivers of health, like maximizing gut microbiome diversity, reducing
inflammation, and minimizing insulin spikes. For instance, our bodies need a balanced amino acids profile for muscle protein synthesis and fullness. That’s why Ample has over 24g of protein
from grass-fed whey, grass-fed collagen and organic brown rice. And we know that too many poor-quality carbs
can lead to unhealthy insulin spikes and inflammation, which are linked to obesity, diabetes, and
other chronic diseases. That’s why we’ve kept Ample’s starches limited, sourcing them
from organic sweet potato and tapioca. And with just 4g of sugar total, Ample provides
the fuel you need, without the crash! Ample also contains over 20g of healthy fats. Now for some this can seem like a lot. For years we’ve been told that fat is bad for us,
when actually, the opposite is true. Not only are healthy fats absolutely essential for our sustained
energy, they are critical to your cell’s health. And this includes saturated fat. Which is why Ample contains plenty of coconut,
macadamia, and chia seed to provide a full spectrum of fatty acids, including MCTs
and omega-3s, while limiting omega-6s, which can be dangerous in excess. Ample also contains over 9g of fiber and prebiotics
from acacia, green banana, artichoke, and psyllium seed, as well as over 40 billion CFUs
of 6 different probiotic strains This is because feeding our gut microbes with
fiber and prebiotics, while boosting them with probiotics are some of the best ways
to facilitate gut health, which is one of the key drivers of our immunity, brain health,
and nutrient absorption. Vitamins and minerals are super important as well,
but recent data has suggested that synthetically derived micronutrients interact with your body
way differently than when they come from real foods. So we made sure to get bioavailable vitamins,
minerals, and antioxidants only from real foods like wheatgrass, barley, cocoa,
and chlorella. And just as important as whats
in Ample is what we’ve left out. That’s why Ample is free of GMOs, soy, corn,
gluten, and artificial sweeteners. So Ample is definitely a super-meal. And this is just the beginning. We’re excited to evolve our products over time
and push the limits of nutritional science.