Welcome to the squad challenge video We are starting off with a super super fast warmup But if you can pause the video and do a proper two to three minute warm-up. It will really help you Let’s get into it We are starting off with some basic squats You already know how this goes you keep your core tight you squeeze that booty try not to let your knees go past your toes And you drop it to the ground We’re going to do 25 of these together, try to keep up with me because this is a challenge Are you ready? Let’s challenge your booty? We’re almost halfway through this particular set so keep going you’re doing good your booty is going to thank you afterwards Awesome Next we are going to do jump squats If you don’t want to jump just do basic squats again But this is to really add in a car do to get you snatched from head to toe You want to land in the middle of your foot and squat low and jump up? so you squat low and jump squat low and jump you really want to keep your core tight for this and when you land you want to land in the Middle of your foot not in the front not at the back I know you’re looking at me like girl you crazy, but you can do this You can do this, and if you’re not comfortable jumping like I said don’t jump just do basic squats again We’re doing 25 of these try to keep up with me. It’s a challenge. It’s a challenge Next we’re going to do a squat hold You are literally just going to put your legs as wide as you can keep your core tight and you want to pretend you are Sitting in a chair that does not exist and you hold for 20 seconds This is going to burn the front of your thigh, it’s really really going to hurt, but it’s worth it It’s worth it for the booty anything is worth it for the booty Awesome good job Next we’re doing plie squads you’re going to put your feet SuperDuper wide and you are going to squat keeping your core tight Squeezing your booty and really engaging those muscles in front of your legs We are doing 20 plie squats, I’m sorry I’ve been saying this wrong the whole time were doing 20 of each not 25 Just do your best just do your best we’re deep in this right now, we’re deep in this, but you’re still standing I’m so proud good job Just a couple more There you go awesome now We’re going to do basic squats again But we’re going to do them SuperDuper fast this way you’re targeting your thighs your butt and Your burning fat as well because if the cardio your heart is going to be pumping, but you got this you got this. Let’s go This is the last round you’re doing good It’s a challenge, it’s supposed to be hard, but you are tougher than this challenge, and you got this you can do it Mm. You did it. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for doing this challenge with me Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I’ll see you in my next workout video ayee