PATENT PENDING/Mobile Arm Start with the patient gaining pain free MOBILITY Use large sweeping circles, side to side and semi-circles Rest easy, the wood base is locked for a strong support And the mobile arm moves in 360 of motion allowing for extensive exercise applications! Use the sliders to move with one or two hands Movements are written on the sliders to guide the patient toward an end point of stretching Make the “W” Stretch your arm and back to the right and then the left Lucy is going the distance! Extend and place Extension Internal rotate/place Stretch/Flex and place Abduct and place Stack several sliders in one pane of motion Create your own combinations or let the patient guide the process! Now add the element of STRENGTHENING with varied resistance bands Overhead abduct, diagonal, horizontal diagnal Shoulder extension, biceps flexion The Mobile Arm is incredibly versatile. Move it wherever you want to work the bands Push outs, interchangeable injured and non injured Now add circles Triceps push backs Let’s finish with STABILITY Unlock the wheels & begin with mopping, vacuuming motion Add a stable set of circular motions Then modified rowing forward and backward Next up we stabilize the wrist and elbow in a steady position, because here is where the magic happens in the joint Add weight to the base to further challenge the joint Now change your position to the arm in extension with a steady hold at 90 degrees Once simple device with extensive exercise applications!