Sharing my experience with the keto diet. Hi, ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. You guys, this is not a style video, so if you’re hoping for style
you may want to skip this one. Today I’m talking about a
ketogenic diet or the keto diet. If you’re not familiar with what it is, the idea behind the keto
diet is that you cut down and cut out all sugar
and most carbohydrates, and your body is forced
to feed and fuel from fat. So, if you eat less than 20
grams of carbohydrates per day, then your body starts eating and fueling from the fat on your body. And that’s how it works. And a lot of people have had great success with the keto diet. I’ve talked to several
people who have done it or are doing it, and they
love the way that they feel on the diet, they love
the way it makes them feel and look, and they’ve lost weight. I decided to give it a try because I’m going through
menopause, and I was starting to get that sort of menopause
spare tire in the middle. I didn’t like the weight
gain, my T3 is slow, my T4 is slow, my metabolism is slow, and so I thought this might be a great way to jump start my metabolism
and lose those extra pounds that I had gained because of menopause. I started the diet three months ago, maybe a little bit more. And the first week I wasn’t
really sure what I was doing. So I sort of throw that out. And then the second week was when I got a little
bit more serious about it. By week three, I was, like, I’m going to really
get serious about this. I actually got these little keto sticks. I just ordered them on Amazon; they’re test strips, ketone test strips. And you can actually see whether or not you’re in a state of ketosis, and that means, again, that
the body is eating the fat. It’s just color coded. You pee on the little stick and then you know pretty quickly if you are in the state of ketosis or not. For about a week I was using these and really paying attention to the amount of
carbohydrates I was eating. And the only way to do that,
because I tried to wing it in the beginning, and it doesn’t work because you have no clue how
many carbs are in things. You’ll think, oh I just had
10 almonds and that’s fine, but then the next thing you know the 10 almonds are five
carbohydrates or something. So, if you’re trying to
eat less than 20 grams of carbohydrates, you have
to actually keep track of how many carbohydrates you are eating. And the way that I did that was through an app called Carb Manager. It’s very user friendly, and
it’s very simple to figure out. I will put a link to that app below, so, if you’re interested and you want to do this very seriously,
that’s a great resource for you and so are these ketone test strips. I was pretty serious
about it for two weeks, and I lost all of the
weight that I had gained. I think in total I’d lost
seven or eight pounds, which was great and I was super happy. I loved seeing that number on the scale, I felt better in my pants and my clothes. Everything fit better. It was really delightful. Then I decided that I really couldn’t be that stringent
about it, we were traveling and. So I was still doing the
keto diet, quote unquote, but just not counting the carbohydrates. So, I’m like, do I really
need to be in ketosis because I don’t really need to lose fat. I just want to feel good, feel
energized, and not eat crap. For the last two months
that’s what I’ve been doing. No sugar sources, no breads,
no potatoes, cutting out a lot of vegetables, a lot of vegetables
are high in carbohydrate, cutting out all fruit. And what I did, when I was having this kind of sugar attack, I got these guys, which are by ChocZero. It’s called keto bark. And these have 120 calories,
and they’re sugar free. The other thing I did
was I made fat bombs, and I’ll put a link to the
recipe below, vanilla fat bombs. Those do two things. It gives you that taste of sugar because I would use a sugar substitute, like I would use this which is what diabetics
use; it’s called Xyla. You could also use Swerve which is like stevia, confectioner sugar, or you can use drops of
stevia, stevia drops. There’s also monk fruit sweeteners, but this one in my
opinion tastes the best. Anyway, I made these fat bombs
and so at the end of the day, maybe around eight, I
would have a fat bomb, and then I felt full for
the rest of the night, and I didn’t have to eat after eight. So I was doing that for a couple months, but again not monitoring very
strictly those carbohydrates, but still eating the keto diet. The benefits that I saw were I do like the way I feel on the diet. I did feel full all
the time, I didn’t feel like I was ravenous, I
needed food all the time. I also felt pretty energized,
I felt like I slept better. I would go to bed and I would conk out, and I’d really sleep very
soundly until the morning. A lot of times I would
wake up before my alarm. And that’s really nice. But I’ve noticed that, over
the last couple months, without counting those carbs the weight has gone back up. And, about a week ago, I
went off the keto diet. I was just like, okay
we’re going to Paris. I have to have bread and
pastries when I’m in Paris because you can’t go to
Paris and not have them. That’s been a week and now weight-wise I am back to exactly where
I was when I started. So, I can tell you I like
the way I feel on the diet. I really do feel energized, I really do feel like I sleep well. I really do feel full all the time. But I got really tired of eating meat. You really have to eat a
lot of meat and proteins. I got bored with the same things. I felt like I was eating
eggs and cheese every day, or steak or chicken every day. I just felt really bored. I think that, once you jump off of it and try to resume some
sort of normal diet, the weight’s going to go right back on. My opinion about this is I think you can feel really good on it. I think it does make you feel really full. I definitely think you can
lose weight on the diet. I don’t think it’s sustainable. I think you get tired of
the food really quickly. I mean, I did it for three
months and, by the end of the three months, I was like (gulps), I cannot eat another egg. And also I think that,
once you’re off of it, you gain the weight right
back, like it doesn’t stay off. That’s kind of the bummer of the diet. One other think I wanted to talk about is the Bulletproof coffee. So that’s going to be
the element of the diet that I actually stick with. I really enjoy the Bulletproof coffee, which is ironic because at
the beginning I was like, wait, what, people are putting
butter in their coffee? That’s ridiculous, why would you ever put butter in your coffee? But now, I absolutely love it,
so I mix in two tablespoons of butter, Kerrygold butter,
into a NatriBullet cup. I put in some almond milk creamer which has got like 15 calories a serving. I put in some MCT oil. I also put a scoop of
collagen into that mixture, and then I blend it up, and
then I drink that every morning, and I feel happily full until
around noon or one o’clock. So I don’t need a breakfast. So that part of the diet I am definitely going to stick with. My plan is to go back to the 80-20 rule, which is what I was doing
for years, and just try to exercise more to get the
extra weight off from menopause and to try and kick start my metabolism. And, also, I’m committing myself to doing a new exercise program and one that really just feels
good to my body right now, and that’s called P.volve,
and that is more of like small, ballet-style movements and not a lot of sweating,
not a lot of cardio, and that just sounds really
good to me right now. I’m just feeling kind of burned out on running and heavy cardio. It was definitely an
interesting experiment. I’m glad I did it. I feel like now I’m going to
be much more aware and mindful of the amount of sugar that I’m eating that I really wasn’t
paying attention to before. And, also, I wasn’t paying attention to how I felt with all
of that sugar in my body. And so, I feel like that
was the real benefit of being on the keto diet. Just from that perspective
it was worthwhile for me, and even though I lost the weight, and then I gained it right back (laughs). So that part of it’s kind of
a bummer, but what can you do. It’s fine. But I just wanted to
share that with you guys. And if you have any
insights about the diet that you think would be helpful to share, please share your thoughts, your feedback, what’s been helpful to
you, in the comments below. I feel like we can all
learn from each other. We can all share resources. This is the kind of thing, especially as you’re
going through menopause, and you’re getting older and
the metabolism is slowing down, we can really help each other. We don’t have to be
sitting there in the dark wondering why our pants don’t fit and wondering why suddenly
we have a muffin top when we never had one before. We should be sharing
and talking about that and helping each other. So, please do share in the comments below. If you like this video and
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