(upbeat music) I don’t think you find anything like Integrative Nutrition anywhere else. And the reason is not just that it’s very, very broad. You touch on all the major ways of thinking about food. But it’s also very personal. In that every person who comes knows that their needs, their challenges, as well as their advantages and strengths is gonna be addressed. I think Health Coaches really help in a couple of ways. The first is that they directly coach the person. Just like an athlete needs a coach to help bring them to the next level, Heath Coaches do that with people’s health. But at the same time they do more than that. They are perhaps the most aware people, I’m talking about socially and politically. And they can influence the discussion about health issues far beyond the people that they’re actually coaching directly. Health really starts with knowledge. If you have no clue how smoking affects your lungs, you’re not gonna stop smoking. If you have no clue how that hot dog is gonna affect your physical health, you’re not likely to change to a healthier choice. So, once people have knowledge, they know what affects their heart, or what increases their cancer risk or what affects their waist line, then they can start a process of exploring. Well, how do these new foods tastes and which ones work within my life? And then the third step, after you have knowledge and you’ve explored a little bit, is to really put it to a test drive. Take a couple weeks and actually eat in a really, really healthy way. And it’s just like jumping in the swimming pool. Pretty soon the water feels fine. My main message is that if people make big changes in their diet, I don’t mean little adjustments here and there, I mean really rethinking their diet from breakfast, lunch and dinner, the health affects can be astounding. You can turn heart disease around. You can prevent cancer and change its course after it’s been diagnosed. People can really get their energy back and recapture health in ways they didn’t expect. (upbeat music)