Who is REALLY responsible for the passage
of Obamacare? It isn’t the nuns! Recently, Cardinal George chastised Sr. Carol
Keehan and the Catholic Health Association for breaking with the USCCB and endorsing
the abortion-friendly Obamacare law. Current arguments over the passage of Obamacare
are all still about finger pointing and assigning blame. Some people are pointing fingers at the betrayal
of Bart Stupak. Others assert that Sister Keehan and a bunch of progressive nuns are
to blame. The truth is that while all of this blame
is well placed, the real problem is lack of clear leadership from the Catholic hierarchy. But in order to understand the problem, let’s
start with what happened. Bart Stupak was viewed by most as the stop-loss against Obamacare.
He swore up and down that he would not vote for it so long as provisions remained for
the funding of abortions. However, Nancy Pelosi somehow convinced him that an executive order
would make things all better. So, encouraged by progressive nuns and empty promises, he
and his fellow hold-outs flipped sides and voted for the bill, forcing this unprecedented
law on everyone. Which leads us to Sr. Keehan and her entourage.
Stupak was emboldened to vote for Obamacare when Sr. Keehan and a list of 60 religious
orders signed a public statement of endorsement. Despite the fact that every version of Obamacare
expanded provisions for abortion, sex education, and birth control, Sr. Keehan discussed her
support for Obamacare last August with Raymond Arroyo and Judie Brown. [Keehan] We are working closely with our bishops,
and have been working with our bishops for years now. We have said very clearly, we will
compromise our preferences, we will not compromise our principles. CHA has been on record clearly,
we will sacrifice our preferences, not our principles. I promise you, there will be no
way that we will allow ourselves to compromise our principles. [Michael] And after Sr. Keehan compromised
her principles without sacrificing her preferences, she received one of the 21 ceremonial pens
used for signing the bill into law. To paraphrase St. Thomas More, Sr. Keehan,
“it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for a pen?” And just so you understand how influential
those nuns were in that final push to pass Obamacare, their ringing endorsement gave
the fence-sitters in Washington all the support they needed in order to vote for the bill: [Ryan] There was a huge momentum shift, um,
when NETWORK, uh, came on board. [Simone] Thank you. [Ryan] And really, I think, gave
everybody a lot of confidence. And over the last couple of days we probably pulled in
the last six or eight pro-life members of Congress. [Pelosi] I’m pleased that we’ve got a
letter from, uh, representing 60 leaders of, uh, uh, religious orders, sisters … saying
that they want us to pass this life-affirming legislation. [Gibbs] Uh, the Catholic Health Association
the order of nuns support, uh … I think is very important. [Cecile] I mean I do have to give a shout
out to the nuns. [Host] The church as divided, because if the
bishops were not with you, the nuns were. [Cecile] That was a tremendous sign. [Michael] Ok, so Stupak and his buddies voted
for Obamacare because they trusted Pelosi, Obama, and a bunch of progressive nuns. The
progressive nuns pushed for Obamacare because they trusted Pelosi and a bunch of other pro-abortion
politicians who crafted the bill. But the nuns all claimed that they were working with
the bishops and adhering to Catholic principles … so what happened? The USCCB, desperately
wanting to see universal health care passed, lead the Catholic charge in trusting pro-abortion
politicians and focused their efforts on maintaining “abortion neutrality.” So, they issued
a document titled, “Making Health Care Reform “Abortion Neutral”: What is the Legal
Status Quo on Abortion?” With this emphasis, the USCCB publicly supported “abortion neutral”
versions of the bill, even though each one drastically expanded funding for birth control,
contraceptive sex education, and even redefined euthanasia! Why did the USCCB ignore those
equally wicked provisions, deciding to remain “abortion neutral”? And since when did
Jesus ever call upon His apostles to maintain the “status quo?” As Fulton Sheen said
so often, “dead bodies float down stream! It takes a LIVING body to stand against the
currents.” The fact of the matter is this. The Obamacare
law was NOT abortion neutral, and even though the USCCB eventually DID stand against this
current, it was too little too late. The momentum swept the nuns and the fence-sitters down-stream.
Now we have the greatest expansion of funding for abortion, birth control, and sex education
this country has ever seen. The Catholic leadership can assign all the blame that they want, but
we have Obamacare in large part due to the USCCB’s willingness to make a deal with
the pro-abortion princes of this world, and their failure from the beginning to stand
up to the fullness of Truth of the Catholic Faith. For American Life League, I’m Michael Hichborn