GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and the GAPS diet is based on this book which is written by Dr.
Natasha Campbell McBride who holds both a degree in neurology and a degree in
nutrition. GAPS is a natural treatment for autism, dyspraxia ,which is like motor
planning problems speech problems, ADD dyslexia ADHD depression
schizophrenia and a lot of other mental health conditions that have the root in
the gut which is many many of our chronic conditions the way GAPS works is
that it takes out all of the foods that are causing problems in our body and it
gives us a diet of completely nourishing foods and so what this does is it gives
our digestive system a rest and as you know our digestive system has a colony
of bacteria it helps us digest our food and but what you might not know and this
is what the GAPS diet gets into is that you have neurological
tissue in your digestive system and so when we can repair our get a lot of
times we’re able to make our own serotonin we’re able to make all of our
feel-good hormones we’re able to repair our digestion and we’re able to get
healthy nutrients up to our brain and repair our brains this is based on this
specific carbohydrate diet and when the carbohydrates are limited we’re able to
repopulate our gut flora so a lot of times we have taken antibiotics or our
mothers took antibiotics or we’ve drink chlorinated water or we’ve had
pharmaceuticals and in our gut is populated with pathogenic bacteria so
that’s bacteria that are making us sick our gut is supposed to be populated with
friendly gut flora both yeasts and bacterias and even fungi that are
friendly there are billions of these and everyone’s gut — you want to make sure
they’re good ones! And so with the gaps diet we starve out those bacteria we
starve out the bad ones and we feed in the good ones through fermented foods
through probiotics and then we continue to feed them with nourishing foods the
goal of the gaps diet is to heal the gut and therefore heal the brain and this is
why it’s so used with neurological symptoms it also is very helpful for
digestive symptoms and even skin condition since our skin is an outside
reflection of what is going inside of our body
and so that is the GAPS diet for you