I Lost three pounds this week and I had milkshakes and custard donuts for breakfast. That’s a quote I just received from one of my clients named Melissa Stewart and as hard as it must be for you to believe I hit coke Like that all the time, but no matter how many times it happens It never ceases to make me smile. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! and I’m about to make you smile too because if you stick around for just a couple of minutes on this short and shocking video you’re going to learn a weird and totally unknown way that I lost over 50 pounds and Transformed from an overweight mother of three to winning Fitness competitions and you’ll do it without a brunches without counting calories without diet restrictions without gastric bypass surgery and Without any extreme cardio routines such as CrossFit p90x or insanity and. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! You’ll do it while eating even more of your favorite foods than you do now foods, like brownies pizza cheese cake and ice cream In fact eating these foods is mandatory. I don’t expect you to believe any of it I just ask that you give me a chance to explain and if you’re ready to get to the real truth about weight loss Turn exactly the right place. Hi, I’m Christie Mitchell. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a nutritionist I’m not a guest lecturer at Yale University But you know what I am. I’m you I’m a real woman. Not an actor. I’m 43 years old I’ve had three babies each of which added about 20 pounds and because of that I know exactly what you’re going through the shame The pants you can’t fit into the binging the scale anxiety I get it and I care about it and I care about you just as much as I care about my own weight loss I guess I was just born that way I like helping people and that’s the only reason I’m here talking to you today The work I’ve done until now has made some waves that I’m proud of Body builders daily called me the woman whose five years ahead of the weight-loss industry I love that compliment and maybe that’s because I don’t leave it to the men in white lab coats to tell me what works I find out what works through my own experience and the experience of my clients that I keep very close contact with Do you think the scientists with all the grants? They have take the time to really listen to the woman to find out why she failed or is she just another statistic? and To me finding what really works for the average woman isn’t something we can wait for I know we don’t always see it that way the weight loss problem is an epidemic which is literally killing us by the millions because Absolutely, every disease known to man is made worse by being overweight What really bothered me about the weight loss? Problem is that we have so many diets and the truth is many of them were But nobody is sticking to them for more than a month. This happened to me. Yes. I counted nineteen times I tried 19 diets and the longest I stayed on any of them was three months and I almost gave up I decided I was gonna die fat but I still had a little more fight left in me I figure if I’m going to stay on a diet I needed a solution that was easier more fun and effortless that way a diet would become something people could actually stick to for life without being miserable is That too much to ask. Well, guess what?. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! I found that solution and I’m going to share it with you in just a few seconds It’s the most exciting breakthrough in weight loss. I’ve seen in over ten years So get focused shut off your smartphone Close the door get a pen and pad and make sure you stick this video out until the very end I promise you won’t regret it in fact The end of this video may decide whether you struggle with your love handles forever or if you enjoy a slim and sexy life You’re going to learn that hitting your weight loss goals is a lot easier than you ever thought You’re going to learn with a few tweaks that you can actually more of your favorite foods including chocolate grilled cheese and sushi and Lose even more weight because of it that right those same foods that I’ve been destroying. Your diet will actually help you lose weight I know how crazy that sounds and I don’t blame you for thinking like that After all the very first thing we’re told when we start any diet is to eliminate these foods from our life But ask yourself Where have I gotten us with 34 percent of Americans obese? That’s where this advice has gotten us And why would we have expected anything different? but if these foods really are our favorite foods How can we expect someone to stop eating them for the rest of their lives and think that’s going to work? Every single diet out there by its very nature is set up to fail before they even get off the ground Sure, most folks can give up those foods for a little while, but there’s a pattern there There are well groove neural pathways that want and need those favorite foods Especially when you’re stressed out which we all are at times so it might not be today It might not be tomorrow, but eventually the craving wins the day is just basic psychology The idea of a slim sexy body someday in the future is great But it just can’t compete with the double-decker chocolate fudge cake with frosting that’s in front of us right now So until today, we’ve all been stuck in a I can’t have it all situation You can either have the pleasure of your favorite foods or the pleasure of a great body. Not both It’s a problem a problem that was ruining my marriage Sucking the confidence right from under me peace and happiness in my life was gone And I honestly didn’t know where to turn Because even the nutritionist had failed me and I tried many I didn’t just get fat from these pregnancies I blew up I mean it was worth it. Don’t get me wrong. Have a look my son Jared is 9 now My other son Steven is 7 and my daughter Sophie at 4 years old after Sophie I weighed in at a hundred and 252 pounds and I couldn’t lose it. It was around that time I came down for water late at night and I caught Jerry ugly at scantily clad girls on Instagram He claims he clicked the wrong link. Guess what? I looked back at the his three every girl He was watching was skinny skinnier than I was anyway gross, he had never done anything like this before but then I realized that we weren’t having sex as much as we used to I Cornered him at one point and asked him point-blank. Are you still attracted to me? I mean, I’m nowhere near petite I could tell he wanted to crawl into a hole. Of course. I am honey What do you mean I’ve been attracted to you from day one After I thought about it, I realized that he had said he was attracted to me on day one That was the emphasis no comment specifically about today I didn’t believe him anymore and got uncomfortable being naked in front of him And when the intimacy falls apart the whole marriage drops We all know that we started pulling further and further apart to the point that we had nothing to talk about but the kids us Didn’t exist anymore and that hurt like hell every time I heard the garage door open I used to get excited Now I was wishing he would stay late I started to question if this marriage was going to last then there was the weight my waistline was 42 inches Which meant I was at risk for diabetes Which was scary because diabetes runs in the family. I tried raw food. I tried vegetarian. I tried low calorie I tried low carb. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! I tried no carb intense cardio programs and I’m not going to tell you that these strategies didn’t work They did work for a while. But like so many people I just couldn’t stick to any of them now Here’s the wrinkle. That was the Achilles heel for me I’m from a family of incredible bakers and eating baked goods like cake and chocolate chip cookies were the ultimate comfort food for me Each time. I felt down I turned to those comfort foods and the diet was over I got on a really bad streak with rebound after rebound leaving me bigger than I’ve ever been Which really got me panicking. I was ready to give up I was crying in the bathroom because I had just checked the scale and it carried bad news The door actually opened and it was Jerry and I could see a lot of real sympathy in his eyes He said another one bites the dust through my tears, I mustered a yeah, I’m just giving up This is my life. I’m going to be fat forever He said nope, you’re not going that route failure is not an option My husband is a genius with problem-solving, but I guess I just never thought to ask him about this. He said nope This isn’t gonna happen What did he have up his sleeve? He said I know you’ve tried every diet out there. So I’m going to come up with something extremely new and After a hug that lasted about 10 minutes we got right to work We devoured everything the library had to offer as well as grassroots weight-loss innovators call biohackers Which if you don’t know are extremely innovative Grassroots researchers who are constantly coming up with new ways to unlock our body’s potential The answer we were looking for actually came from a place. You wouldn’t expect an online forum It was one of the longest post I’d seen on the forum. His article was 21 pages of text And I think that prevented a lot of people from reading it from start to finish In fact, the thread was over a year old and had no comments I started reading and I immediately knew I was dealing with someone who was very well-versed in all the latest research on weight loss He was honest and objective He was an outside-the-box thinker and he had a completely unique perspective on the weight loss problem I was amazed when he spoke of a few tweaks that allow you to incorporate Desserts and junk food into a diet without affecting the results He claimed that with these tweeps. The favorite foods can make the diet twice as effective He also mentioned a secret ingredient that you can take before you eat that speeds up the fat-burning even more He cited a lot of research. We started to look up his sources and sure enough everything. He was saying was backed by hard science Eureka suddenly, it was crystal clear what we needed to do. We began developing a new weight-loss system that would work on these principles Jerry really took over after this point and when he had it fully mapped a huge devilish smile washed across his face And he just said it’s amazing Chrissy this isn’t going to be just a breakthrough for you It’s a breakthrough for every man and woman who was ever battled with a delight and lost he worked day in and day out Putting together a system and once he was absolutely clear he shared everything with me. I can remember that night like it was yesterday He came over to the couch where I was reading He walked over and he plopped a milkshake down to me on the coffee table I had a perplexed look on my face. I said honey. That’s sweet But you know, I’m trying to keep the weight down. I mean, that’s what we’ve been working on all week Why tempt me like this Jerry? Do you trust me? He said I said sorta. He said good enough just drink it It’s a different kind of milkshake. It’s really something special I took one sip and my eyes lit up instantly I grabbed him by the shirt and said Jerry this is the most delicious milkshake I’ve ever had He said glad you like it. You can drink that every day if you want to it won’t hurt your diet It’ll only help I said, how is that and he said let’s just say it’s got a secret ingredient He wasn’t lying. It really did have a secret ingredient when everyone in the weight loss industry forgot to tell you about With this secret ingredient added to my food and a few more simple tweaks. I wasn’t just able to eat milkshakes I was able to eat all kinds of stuff chips doughnuts. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! Brownies, it didn’t really matter. This was a completely new kind of diet a diet that didn’t feel like a diet at all But would it actually work this was the real shocker? Most weight loss programs take some time before you can see any results when I stepped on the scale I found that after just three days. I’d already lost a pound after five days I lost three pounds. The weight was literally falling right off of me after just four months I had already lost all my baby weight and even a few more pounds for good measure All we gave each other the biggest hug that day. I’ll never forget the day I walked into the room with my head held taut as I was fitting snugly into my pre maternity t-shirt and Jeanne’s I was beaming what I saw in the mirror was a new woman My smile came back my posture changed my face got brighter I started to go out again even to the beach and as far as our relationship was concerned I felt like we were on our honeymoon all over again things continue to go Well, even after that best part there was zero Dreams to go off the diet There was zero hunger and zero loss of energy at any time which meant my body was loving it Just as much as I did. So what was the secret what was in the milkshake? And how did it change my life forever? To understand that there’s a bit of science you’d need to know first. Forgive me if I let Jerry handle this part Okay. Hi everyone. Here’s the research behind our diet Recently a new study was released by Cambridge University in England from their advanced nutritional science department The study was called the effects of gut ecology on weight loss I just saw a video yesterday with one of the most desired women on earth a singer you all know of and She was eating drive-through for McDonald’s here You are eating rabbit food and practically collapsing on a treadmill because you’re so tired And she’s eating a cheeseburger with stick-like arms a 24-inch waist and abs as flat as a wall Ever wonder what makes her body different from yours. I think they have a better metabolism wrong metabolism is just an effect of a deeper cause if You focus just on metabolism. You are missing out on the truth behind what makes skinny people skinny There is another factor call it an ingredient an ingredient in the chemistry of your digestive system that makes them lose weight effortlessly in fact It’s nearly impossible for the way to pile on in the first place when this specific good bacteria is present It’s a special bacteria you had when you were born, but have lost over time. It has dried up antibiotics chlorinated water alcohol Artificial sweeteners and stress all destroy this good bacteria And as a result losing weight for you will always be an uphill battle from now until the day you die luckily for you This good bacteria can easily be replaced for just pennies if you only knew where to look Once you have it working its magic in your body, you will process food just like that annoyingly Skinny girl does just like a celebrity actress or musician whether it be an Angelina Jolie or Selena Gomez No matter how overweight you are. It doesn’t matter the weight will literally disappear and Leave No Trace Your friends and family will be shocked 10 jealous then curious how you did it? But inside where it really counts you will be a different person someone with the energy of a young lion and the self-esteem of a rock star on stage getting a standing O You’ll become one of those people who simply cannot gain weight no matter how hard they try no gyms No calorie counting no restrictions No changing the way you eat at all Prissy, I think you can take it from here Thanks, Jerry now that we’re all confused about that we’re going to move on to the juicy part I’m about to introduce the world’s first system that allows you to keep eating exactly what you’re eating right now and Lose weight faster than any program ever tried before Effortlessly, and it’s all completely natural Unlike any other system out there with this system I’m about to teach you you will be allowed to have your cake and your flat belly – with absolutely no Contradiction. In fact, I’m going to show you how they work together. Of course, it all has to be done very Strategically, but you won’t need to worry about how to implement it because I’m going to give you everything you need to know to get started Step by simple step and then once you master the rhythm of it You’ll forget about it because it’ll become a part of you You will feel Fantastic because this is the one diet you don’t ever need to struggle with you’re going to love what you’re eating every single meal and you won’t have a minute of how It’s all included in the brand-new program. I call the favorite food diet The most delicious diet on earth and it really is the most delicious diet on earth it is also the only diet that lets you eat what you want and uses a single secret ingredient to flip your metabolism switch to high for years to come It’s a day-by-day step-by-step plan that will completely change your internal chemistry So that shedding pounds becomes your body’s natural state of being Due to the powerful nature of this ingredient. Once you begin the diet, you will notice results almost immediately Plus dessert items and fun foods are strategically placed throughout the diet couple with our secret ingredient all this will ensure that your cheap foods instead of holding you back actually Propel you to weight loss success This isn’t a temporary weight loss solution either This is a way of eating that our students stay on for years My clients never miss their old way of eating because in a way this is their whole way of eating with the twist One thing I can promise you You’re going to lose weight and you’re going to look forward to every single Meal you eat and when you eat them you’re going to feel full in ways You’ve never felt before I’m talking complete satisfaction The beauty is there’s no intense cardio to go through. There’s no calorie counting at all. There’s no funky herds There is all the foods you love most which you can eat while your metabolism rises and you just burn more and more fat expect cravings to end forever Expect to have huge amounts of energy feeling like you can take over the world Expect to feel stronger mothers you’ll love this when your poor your old begs for a pick-me-up You may notice it gets a little easier to get up the stairs every aspect of your health will improve why because your metabolism The most important aspect of our health will literally be on fire Annihilating any fat in its path and did I mention that it’s unbelievably easy to follow It’s unbelievably easy to follow your to be able to read it once and follow it for life because it’s so intuitive It’s all part of the world’s. Most delicious diet program. We call the favorite food diet Inside the book in addition to the plan. You’re going to learn a whole lot of other goodies Let’s hear what some of my clients who picked up the favorite food diet recently had to say Chris Yeager to tell you that when I first heard about your system I was actually really skeptical but there’s something different about this one And so I’ve been really excited. I could keep eating my chocolate bar and still lose weight This is a huge breakthrough and I’m really excited to tell people about it I don’t know. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! If you knew that I’ve gone from over 200 pounds down to a hundred and thirty all thanks to the favorite food diet So I think this is insanely amazing, and I can’t wait to keep telling people all about it The favorite food diet is a lifesaver. I thought I’d never lose my love handles now. They’re not only gone I can actually walk around the beach shirtless while getting most stares of pity I’m enjoying food more now than I ever have and I’m seeing weight loss faster than I ever thought possible in the last few days, I’ve had donuts brownies and waffles for breakfast and by my calculation I’ve lost 11 pounds Astor than I ever thought possible and to think I almost Didn’t buy this course I would have missed out on the best weight loss opportunity of my life Wow. Wow. Wow, the favorite food diet is exactly what you said It would be and much more. I’ve been on the diet for just over two months and have already lost thirty pounds I’ve been trying for years to get my weight to budge and Here I am with the strawberry sundae and loving every minute of it Thanks Cassie. You’re my hero So glad to hear that, Rebecca We have hundreds of more stories just like these but the only story that really matters right now is yours It’s your turn to get these results. So let’s get you started But first we have to talk about the price for the favorite food diet And what we decided was the favorite food diet should have your favorite price So before we get into it, let’s just talk about some realities ask yourself How much will it cost not to have the favorite food diet? How much will it cost you to spend the rest of your life with diets that never really work? How much do the failed gym memberships cost? how much do the constant stream of gadgets folks and pills cost you and If you don’t break the cycle how much does diabetes and heart disease cost? What all this means is a diet that works is priceless and this is the diet that works So the real price is priceless, but we can’t charge priceless. So I went to the experts I had my colleagues review the course for quality and comprehensiveness and what they told me Consistently is that this course is so innovative So complete and with such great customer support that it should not be offered to the public for less than one hundred and ninety seven dollars, but I didn’t like hearing that. I’m not in this for the money. I’m in it for the lives changed and the lives saved So I ratcheted the price down from a hundred and ninety seven dollars to ninety seven dollars I’m sure you would agree that ninety seven dollars would be a very small price to pay for results like this We’re talking about just ninety seven dollars for the ability to enjoy the foods you love and lose weight at the same time forever Ninety seven dollars to end the yo-yo dieting from hell ninety seven dollars to end Scale anxiety. That’s why ninety seven dollars is the retail price for the favorite food system However, for the first launch of my first product I want to do something special. I want to lower the price even more To start this lunch off of the bay. I want to take $64 right out of my pocket into yours to make it easier than easy for you to get started revolutionizing your life so that’s bringing down your price to a grand total of just $37 not a penny more. That’s a one-time fee. You’ll never be built again at all It’s yours free and clear now. That’s $37 for a guaranteed end to all the pain you’ve ever experienced with your weight and when I say guaranteed I Mean it we’re so sure that you’re going to succeed with this program that we’re gonna put our butts on the line with the strongest Triple-decker warranty in the business and it goes like this if you haven’t lost a shocking amount of weight Let us know and we’ll send Every penny back if you’re not totally satisfied with any aspect of the course, no matter how small it is let us know and we send every penny back if You want your money back for no reason other than the fact that you want your money back Let us know and we send every penny back and you know, what? Even if we send your money back, we’re going to let you keep the favorite food diet for life You know what? That means? It means you can’t lose. It means this decision is a no-brainer It means even if you do nothing You’re either losing out on a huge fat loss success or you’re losing out on a free course because those are the only two options here and Finally, I’ve got to talk about the support because we trained some of the absolute best to mana support us We’ve made sure we only found the most knowledgeable and courteous people that money could buy They will be with you at the heartbeats notice the moment you need absolutely anything at all with them on your side You will never stumble and fall they’ll catch you and gently propel you all the way to your weight loss goals They are the absolute best and they’ll be at your beck and call every day of the week 24/7 I know you’re eager to get started. But as a thanks for watching this the end I want to add an extremely special bonus now This bonus has to do with cleaning your body and you should know that I’m really big on cleansing it’s one of the best things you can do for your health, but most people really Overcomplicated the process of a detox cleanse. That’s why I created my favorite detox cleanse I’m going to show you a shortcut that anyone can use to get a premium detox without any hard work or painful diet restrictions This is a fun and easy to follow course that regularly sells for $97 on our website. It’s free for you today when you order the favorite food diet Then there’s my favorite wardrobe. Listen. I know when you start the favorite food program The pounds will quickly melt away and when you can right now I will show you how to dress To make you look skinny and have all the right curves in all the right places That means you’ll look like you’ve lost ten pounds and I want you to have even more That’s why I’m including my 27 most mouth-watering Desserts, these are all your favorite desserts prepared in ways that make you actually lose weight not in spite of them But because of them you’ll get my secret recipe for a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake that will make your mouth water And your waistline slimmer plus my secret recipe for uber-rich pancakes that my entire Neighborhood is trying to get ahold of These are guaranteed to be the most delicious Recipes you’ve ever tried as we collected them from over five years of taste testing before we put them in the course Folks we’re coming to a close here. And if you haven’t already it’s coming time to decide Are you really serious about your weight loss goals? Are you serious about having a body that you love seeing in the mirror a body others admire even Envy? Well, if you are then I think your next move has to be to get access to the favorite food diet By now, you should see a happy yellow order button I want you to spend just a quick moment envisioning what you’ll look like in your dream body What’ll it be like to fit snugly into those skinny jeans? You thought you’d never use again and then make the dream real give that button the click Fill out the form on the next page and join the favorite food diet revolution Because I can promise you it’s here or no We’re reaching those goals will never come faster or easier than this product we’re talking about right now You can search high and low online. I’ll save you the time I already have you will find a diet that incorporates all your favorite foods without sacrificing the speed of your weight loss It just doesn’t exist. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! There is no diet that lets you stuff your face and still burn fat like butter on an open flame So hit the button below and fill out the form on the next page and snap up the best opportunity of your life Think about it. I’ve guaranteed your success That means once you say go your struggle to lose weight is over Once you get inside, it’s going to be my responsibility to make sure it works So click the button below and let’s get started because every day you don’t buy This is a day of struggle that you don’t need to have. You don’t need to feel the shame of breaking a diet ever again You don’t need to experience the pain of another rebound. You can get off that weight-loss yo-yo You can end the cycle. You have a dream body waiting for you inside. It’s just a click away Click the button below and fill out the form on the next page. There’s no excuse not to do it We’ve made it easy and we’ve made your success certainly with our 100% guarantee You don’t have an ounce of risk on your shoulders. So here’s my advice. Don’t even say yes Just say maybe and give your dreams a chance The button fill out the quick and easy form on the next page Everything is all set up for you in the members area. You’ll start losing weight immediately Do it now because this video won’t be here much longer The only thing that can stop you from achieving the body you want is you and the proof of that is that you’re still here Listen, we have nothing but success stories on the other side of the page. We have nothing but failures on this side of the page Who do you wanna be with the winners or with the losers hit the button and find out how good life can be? See success is easy. Once we get our fears and doubt out of the way. This truly can be the day You turned it all around or this can be just another day. I believe you know what to do There really is no diet out there. Download FULL Book Link Below Now !!! That lets you live your life how you want to and still lose weight all at the same time You have a new life waiting for you and to think that it’s just a click away Hit that button now and I can’t wait to see you on the other side