when we created the world’s most powerful indoor trainer the industry called it disruptive we just called it long overdue you see no one had taken advantage of the awesome power of the smartphone to make indoor trainers better so we did and now we’re doing the same thing with the GPS bike computer meet element let’s face it setting up most by computers sucks it’s like trying to send a text from an old flip phone there’s a better way we all know it and the good news is you already own element uses the power of your smart phone to take the pain out of the typical set up process so all you have to do is download an app scan a code and you’re off and running set up different workout pages connect your favorite cycling platforms pair other devices go nuts if you use apps you already know how to do this thing so let’s move on to the ride element is all about simplicity you’ll notice this the minute you powered up what’s with the grayscale display right we’ve met color looks cool but not when it’s bright out and high clear conditions unique contracts contrast elements large 2.7 inch display can deliver and any lighting conditions now let’s talk about how the data is presented whether you’re navigating through traffic or mocking down an open road your eyes should be focused on what’s ahead not on trying to read your display so we designed some really cool ways to make it easy for element that provides you with the info you need and just a glance like the ability to zoom in and out of data feels want to focus on power boom power and cadence boom boom the whole enchilada boom boom and boom or what about an entirely new way to communicate with your bike computer like programmable LED indicators that let you know when your heart rate speed and power are above or below your averages element can even alert you when someone’s trying to reach you or give you a heads up what you need to turn which brings us to navigation and the whole GPS thing because element is Wireless it’s always syncing acquiring and pushing data right and a lot of this data happens to be routes local routes distant routes virtual routes all of which you can load and share without ever needing to plug in the US want to relive a route pull it from your ride history what about that kom you posted on strap element can tap pass rides and post new ones back to straw but when you crush them yeah you can even take outdoor rides indoors when it gets too nasty out oh you know we were going there of course element gives you full control over kicker when you need to bring the suffering inside with the ability to control resistance with levels ERG mode or simulated routes you can make life as miserable as your lactic threshold can handle look we could go on and talk about other features like the ability to find friends with live tracking or compatibility with Wahoo’s complete cycling ecosystem but we know that you know that this is a product video of course we’re going to high felon but we also know some chain gang arisen his basement right now unboxing this thing he’s going to post something YouTube there will be likes there will be hates but there won’t be though is a feature-rich GPS bike computer on the market that is as powerfully simple as element