The Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration, or SAMHSA, created the Wellness Initiative
to help people with mental and/or substance use disorders—and all people—live
longer, healthier lives by focusing on the eight dimensions of wellness that connect
all aspects of behavioral health. Improving wellness by taking action on each
of these dimensions addresses early mortality from treatable and preventable conditions. Embracing wellness is about life and living, and becoming the healthiest “you” possible! Listen to your feelings, express them to people
you trust, and maintain a positive outlook. Make it a point to understand your finances,
establish good financial habits, and plan for the future. A sense of belonging and a reliable support
system help during difficult times. Make at least one social connection daily, seek advice from peers or support groups, and create healthy friendships. Enhancing your connection to self, nature,
and others brings balance and peace to your life. Take time to discover what values and
beliefs are most important to you. Look for satisfaction from
things you’re passionate about, whether it is through work,
school, or volunteering. Reduce your risk of many illnesses by increasing
activity levels according to your abilities, getting restful sleep at night, choosing healthy
foods, and exploring outdoors to reduce stress and increase energy levels. Be a lifelong learner by expanding your knowledge
and finding creative outlets that stimulate your mind and sense of curiosity. Be open
to new ideas, insights, and wisdom. A positive environment has a calming effect.
Find surroundings that encourage good physical and mental health, and
where you also feel safe. At SAMHSA, we envision a future in which people
with mental and/or substance use disorders—and all people—pursue optimal health, happiness,
recovery, and a full and satisfying life in the community. Wellness is an ongoing pursuit and can be
challenging at times, but striving to make small, daily improvements
is the key to success! For more information and resources about wellness,
visit www.samhsa.gov/wellness-initiative [MUSIC]