(♪ ♪ ♪ ) (Sheena Harvey, Associate Director of Fitness and Recreational Sports) We’re a purpose built fitness facility. And with that being said I think
we have a little bit of something for everybody on every floor. I think we have one of the most unique group
fitness structures here. I think in the United States. We offer over 150 classes per week, so it
really does allow the students to come in and engage in a way that they want to and
then we do have different instructors for different styles of those classes as well,
too. With Intramural sports, though it is a fee to participate, it’s a small fee for the students. They actually get to participate on the level
that they desire competitively. So, we kinda break it down to where students can compete in recreational divisional play or competitive and we also, too allow for the students
to come and play in open leagues. They can play in men’s only and women’s only and things like that. (Alex Baker, Coordinator) So the functional training zone is one of the unique spaces in the facility that is offered to members, dedicated to 21,000 square feet of fitness space use. It’s home to two of our state-of-the-art BeaverFit functional training rigs. The functionality of the rigs allows students
to preform back squats, bench press, able to preform ring muscle-ups, wall balls and
much more. (Sheena Harvey) We consider that the high-level
overview of our facility and our fitness programs and our recreational sports programs, this
is what students are gonna engage and readily engage in their time here at the University. We’re a big part of creating the whole student,
going back to those student transferable skills. They’re not only going to leave here with
a degree but also, too an experience that they’re going to be able to use within their careers. (♪ ♪ ♪ )