(upbeat music) – I can bench press 445 pounds. I can flip a 270 pound tire. I can do handstand push
ups, and I can climb a rope. And I can look damned good doing it. (upbeat music) I’m Zack Ruhl, an adaptive
crossfitter and a powerlifter. I was born with a deformity, and pretty much my legs
looked real messed up, so I would never be able to walk using them so they made a decision to get them amputated. I’ve been an amputee, a double amputee, since I was two years old. (peaceful music) My relationship with fitness
started out in high school. I just started lifting
weights like anybody else, and I always did it for
appearance at first. If I’m just going to be a torso, I’m going to be one
damn looking good torso. And then it just took over my life. Like, I wanted to know
everything there is to know about the anatomy, the human body, how to get stronger, what
creates muscle growth. Like, I was a sponge. I’ve been told I can’t bench
press more than 400 pounds. My ass. I’ve been told I wouldn’t
have a gym of my own. My biggest motivation in life is people telling me I can’t do something. (rock music) I offer free classes or
free personal training to adaptive athletes or
people with disabilities, so, I have a girl with cerebral palsy, I have a girl that has
a spinal cord injury, and I have another quadruple amputee that I’m personal training right now. Crossfit has done so much for my life, and I feel like I just
want to pass that on, and show everybody that it is possible, you can work past disabilities, and whatever your goals are, especially fitness-wise,
you can meet them, it’s just going to be a
little bit different route than somebody else. (rock music)