Umm al-mu’minīn Aisha says,
“Never for two days in a row never for two consecutive days did the Prophet ﷺ ever eat barley.” So they would mainly eat barley. If you want to be healthy and live healthy, follow the diet and the
sleeping pattern of Rasulullah ﷺ Truly The Prophet ﷺ
if he would eat all this talk about carbs and protein so if any carbs he would eat it would be barley but even then on occasions.
He loved meat, but that’s no reason for excessive consumption because Aisha relates that the Prophet ﷺ as well as they the family would only occasionally and rarely receive meat.
In one hadith of Bukhari she says for two whole months for two whole months the fire in the
hearth of the home of The Messenger of Allah ﷺ would not be lit because there was
no solid food to cook for two whole months. All our food was dates and water for two months and occasionally we would receive
a gift of milk. That’s why when they would have meat The Prophet ﷺ loved meat but Aisha herself explains in one hadith that it would only occasionally come to them. This is why he loved meat, so in this hadith Umm al-mu’minīn Aisha says, “For two consecutive days
never would the Prophet ﷺ never did the Prophet ﷺ eat to his fill
from barley for two consecutive days until the day he
left this world.” And in another hadith related by other Sahaba, “Never
did the Prophet ﷺ fill his stomach,
never did he eat to his fill from barley or from meat unless he was a guest
with other people.” So if he was eating with other people as a guest
then maybe he would eat a bit more but normally he would never eat to his fill.