everyone I'm Heba and welcome back got another unboxing for you guys and this time it is by the detox market and here it is right here it's for the month of June it's a big box than what the other months that I've been getting so and it's a little heavy so can't wait to see what's in this month this subscription box I just recently subscribed to it I think I'm on my fifth month right now and I already did a video on one of them and I'll link that one down below then let me look here on my phone to let you know about the prices because this one is a little bit on the pricier side because the brands that they carry it's more mostly you're actually they're all clean and green beauty products which are really nice and I'm trying to a little bit I'm trying to get more into clean and green beauty products there's still some out there that I kind of like and I don't think I can give up yet but for now I'm really enjoying getting this box because of new programs that I haven't even heard of before that are clean and green and just kind of see what other products are out there now this box focuses on one brand only so you'll get products in here just from one brand a lot of subscription boxes I'll get it's multiple brands multiple products in here haircare skincare a little bit of everything but this one is mostly is all one brand and you get products in here that are at least $90 so you're getting a good amount of products in here a good amount of value for this box but for the monthly subscription if you get it a one month it is $55 and they fill it monthly which I don't know why it's done that way you should be able to just do it one time a month but they will you Billy they will bill you monthly for $55 a month you get my glasses on and you can get a three month subscription and that one costs forty four ninety-five so you're getting $10 off if you get the three month subscription and then you get five dollars more off if you get the six month subscription for 39 95 and that's what I got I think that's a better deal because instead of paying $55 per month you're getting six months for 39.95 a month and they bill you for the total months that you're in so for the six month I'm being built two hundred thirty nine dollars and seventy six with the tax and the shipping included for six months so they don't bill you monthly which that can be kind of a little too much but but just need to make sure of that that you know this and for the three month that would cost one hundred and thirty four dollars and 85 cents tax and shipping is included in you let's go ahead and see what's in this month it's a big buck so I'm assuming we're getting more than two products this month but let's go ahead and see what brand is in this box all right got it open Oh looks like it leads something oh okay smells good though oh okay something leaked wow that's not a good sign maybe it's not too bad but let's go ahead and see what's in here sure there's not a big mess but in you let me go ahead and show you the cards that are in here meet the maker this brand is called captain Blankenship you know I've heard of that brand before so this card lets you know who the person is behind the scram captain Blankenship her name is Jana Blankenship which she does an effortless non-toxic plant based products with lush beachy vibes these everyday staples are healthy for both you and the planet okay that's really good and then here is the other card that comes with and tells you the featured products and it looked like there are five products in this month and it seems to be all hair products okay we got five hair products in here by captain Blankenship let's see what this one that we leaked yeah is kind of messy here they probably need to cover it up a little bit more if they're using if they're sending products like which is a si mineral liquid soap with lemongrass and mint that's what I'm smelling it does smell good though Oh so this is just liquid soap is this for the hand or body let me see what it says in the card here okay you get 10 ounce of product and it's $24 like an ocean swim this gentle soap cleanses your body while enveloping with a conditioning marine minerals like Irish moss kelp spirulina Lena and bladderwrack Wow okay never heard the thought this ingredient that's kind of fun to say but this is body scrub okay so it's not just hair products so just a body product right here the rest are hair products that's a shame that it leaked I don't think a lot of product came out just enough to make a mess right here but pretty much everything else looks and dry it's just right here it's just the the leak that's not good though alright next it looks like a powder yeah it's dry shampoo it's mermaid dry shampoo and you get four ounce of product and it costs $24 I like that gives you the the prices of each product here it says save time and water with this potent dry shampoo infused with palmar Rosa and geranium oils for a refreshing summer scent now I myself do not use dry shampoo my daughter does so I will be asking if she wants to keep this if she wants to take this because she uses dry shampoo I don't like that feeling alright next you have golden waves sea salt shimmer spray also this one's for talons aprotic and it's $28 channel your inner mermaid infused with gold mica the shimmering salt spray instantly adds a stunning settle and condition to your locks can't know if I want my hair to be glittery but let's see what it looks like oh okay this may be better from blonde hair I don't know I don't know about that one just comes a glass container which is great for the environment alright next we have mermaid sea salt hairspray since two ounce of product it costs $14 a heat free hair essential Atlantic sea salt juicy aloe vera and nutrient-rich sea kelp delivered beachy waves and serious nourishment and the last product here you have hair oil so when you have one ounce and it's $34 sea and Sun can take a toll on your may this replenishing blend of jojoba Kukui Argan and fir need oils protect soften and hydrate for all days shine alright this isn't okay box for me I mean I am a little particular with products for my hair and not happy about this being having a leak I probably will email them and let them know about it and I'll put down the description box what do they do about it and that dry shampoo not a big fan of it and this one I don't know if I like glitter in my hair and it looks like it's more for blonde hair people I don't know I don't know but the two products that I will like to try is the hairspray and the hair oil all right so this box is worth 124 dollars five products for 124 dollars not bad it is a clean and green brand captain Blankenship which I've never heard of before so be nice to try but yeah sometimes with these subscription boxes there will be products in here that you may not like that is the gamble that we take but so far I have been liking I have been liking I have been I do like getting this box yes I think that's the proper English for it well maybe not the proper English but that's better English know what I was saying alright just gonna give you a little update I did email detox market about the soap being damaged and they emailed me back probably I think like two hours later let me let you know what it says thank you so much for reaching out to us we are so sorry your product was damaged on its way to you we will reship this for you immediately and we'll followup with tracking it for me as soon as it is available again we sincerely apologize for the issues with your order please let us know if you have any other questions or if we can help you in any other way we hope you're having a great day so far so that being said that is really great customer service for them to reply to me so quickly like that and that they will reship this to me with a tracking number so I just wanted to let you know that now I don't know what I'll have this video up but if I do get it before I start editing this video then I'll include that in here if not I'll probably just make a little notation in the description box or have a pin comment down below but I will let you know when and how it came but yeah I think that's wonderful customer service for them to do that one's video ahead zazzles over here and now I have Luke over here but any of you with the detox market unboxing I emailed them about the the soap that came leaked here it is right here and they email me back and within three days that was on Tuesday and on Friday I received this box right here and it was nicely packed nice cute little bag there it is right there and they sent me a new one wrapped in plastic which they probably should have done the first time but I'm not complaining because they have great customer service they sent me a new one right away nicely packed and clean so just want to let you know that about the customer service from detox market it was pretty impressive but anywho I'll go ahead and in the video right here because it's Father's Day and we're gonna go and celebrate their dad all right you guys thank you so much for watching this be if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button so you can see more videos like this maybe see Luke in there more alrighty guys y'all have a wonderful day and I'll see you next time bye bye