For a long time as a dentist, I became
disillusioned with my day-to-day work just fixing diseased teeth. Dentistry provides fantastic solutions to treat and fix dental disease. But after years
of seeing sick and broken teeth, I had a nagging feeling. Something wasn’t right. I could treat disease but I couldn’t prevent it. Our society is battling a
chronic disease epidemic and dental disease is at the forefront. Why have our dietary guidelines never considered the teeth? Everything in your body comes
after your mouth. We are currently eating food that are literally destroying our dental health. Tooth decay affects up to 42 percent of kids. At least half of adults in the US have periodontal disease and that’s gums so infected that our teeth are literally falling out of our head. We are in the midst of an orthodontic epidemic with around 75% of kids having some form of crowded teeth and millions needing braces. Food plays a critical role for dental health yet we’ve completely forgotten how to eat for a healthy teeth. In The Dental Diet we’ll learn the food principles that show us how to nourish your teeth. It comes with a 40-day food plan with delicious and easy to make recipes that help us to rebuild our relationship to real food. I’ll help you dispel decades of dietary confusion that has made our mouths and our bodies hopelessly sick. What’s healthy filled mouth is healthy for your entire body. I’m excited for you to come on this journey with me in The Dental Diet.