– I think everybody defaults
into what comes easy to them. Greatness comes from adversity
and looking the challenge in the eye and having the
intestinal fortitude to step up and go after it. But it’s just making
every fucking minute count. Every minute has to count. Every minute has to count if you
want so much because you just don’t have as many
of them as you think. You just don’t. I think it’s easy for you
fitness entrepreneur to do the push-ups, to do the squats,
to do the deadlifts because that’s how you got here. You started fitness now you want
to make some money by having those guns or that ass, right? And so, I think you default into what’s easy without
recognizing what’s hard. It was hard for me
these over these last 16 months to get
into better shape. It was easy for me to
build $50 million businesses. Just the truth. I know how hard the last 16
months of waking up every day, not eating everything I wanted and by doing
the work was for me. That’s the same thing
that’s going on in the fitness entrepreneur, fitness
wantrepreneur space is of course you’re spending more time to
work out sessions because you want to pass on
replying to everybody. You want to pass off,
you know, the marketing. You want to pass on
doing every podcast. You want to pass off the
creative on Instagram that will get you business versus the
vanity of getting a bunch of likes ’cause you look good. So you want to pass
off all that other stuff. The same way that I wanted to
pass off getting up, running, working out, lifting,
squatting, stretching. I didn’t want to it. – Three, two, two, one, good. – Ah! Fuck! But I could work 18 hours a day. You’re just the reverse of me. One reason I talk about not
having the perfect selfie, the perfect lighting in a world
where that’s what you’re selling is to show
vulnerability and authenticity. I think if you’re gonna have
80 pictures of you looking phenomenal, if I looked as good
as all of you and had all those phenomenal photos, I’d be
waiting for the day that I had a huge god damn zit on my forehead
and took a picture of that because showing that real. Look at how much real is in
your feed versus how much fake. A lot more fake. A lot more perfect lighting,
a lot more oiled up. Where’s the real? Show me the real.
Show me the real. That’s what’s gonna resonate and so I think
you need some balance. Everything one way isn’t enough. Create a little cadence
to having some offsetting characteristics
that make you way more approachable
than the alternative. I get 8,000 emails a year,
15,000 emails a year saying “Gary, I’ve been
doing it for nine months “and I don’t see anything.” I now have empathy for that because I’m doing the
same thing in working out. I can see little results but if
you told me I was going to work out every day for 16
months and this is what I get, I’d feel good about it but
it’s not exactly what I wanted. That’s what you’re going
through in your business. You’ve got to put in
the work day in and day out. I work 12, 15, 17, 18
hours a day every single day. Right now, I’m filming this. My company’s got
a party going on. Do you know what’s
going on out there? Actually, you know what?
Come with me. Actually this is perfect, DRock. Here’s what’s
going on out there. Right and I know the lighting
is not good so sorry DRock. But they’re partying while I’m putting in
the work right now making this content. That is the point. The point is that I’m putting
in the work while everybody else out there is
enjoying themselves. That’s it. And so you
got to put in the work. You want muscles, you
gotta actually do the weight. You’ve gotta
actually put in the work. You want a business,
there is no shortcut. So the progress you made
and you made over the last 5, 10, 12 years in your fitness
is exactly the same thing that’s gonna happen in business.
There is no overnight success. There is no one year
you’ve done it well and now you have the
biggest business. It’s day in an day out. I’ve been an
entrepreneur since I was eight. I’m 40 now. That’s 32 years of practice. Now you’ve
decided to really do it, doesn’t happen overnight. You got to put in the work.