in this video I want to reveal the root
cause of most diseases because only when we know the root cause we can cure
disease at the very root once and for all instead of endlessly fighting
escaping repeating or suppressing the symptoms with for example medication we
are conditioned to believe that we have to cure disease with medication and that
we are powerless when we get a diagnosed now although medication might be helpful
in a transitional period I want to show you with a logical animation based upon
the latest scientific discovery that if we keep using medication as a solution
without curing the actual root cause it will bring us further away from true and
lasting disease remission now once you get a diagnose believe the diagnose but
don’t believe the prognosis because the prognosis is most likely based upon
symptom treatment instead of cleansing and reversing the actual root cause of
diseases now after having survived a life-threatening disease myself and
after having been passionate for more than 30 years now to discover what true
cure or true disease remission really means it became my mission to wake up
the world from the wrong direction that is imprint and conditioned and
advertised everywhere and I want you to be able to know and solve the problem at
the very root instead now do you want to know the real reason why we’re having
diseases now by watching this video you are inside in the real course of disease
is about to change for you now as I mentioned earlier only when we
know what the real root cause is we can heal or cure the root and therefore
automatically liberate ourselves from every other symptom – now to end the
root of the problem together with all its symptoms for once and for all and
there to shine the light onto our dark
diseases or onto our dark disease symptoms I came up with a fundamental
animation to show you imagine this is our body our means of transportation and
imagine this is our brain our thinking or our mind imagine this heart
represents our feelings our emotions or our energy emotion may I presume that we
interpret everything with our five senses sooner or later we start creating
a victim story in our mind in relation to what happened to us and our victims
stories create unstoppable stressful fearful analyzing thoughts and because
of our fearful victim thoughts our body gets into survival mode
and produces fight and flight chemicals like cortisol and adrenalin out of fear
our body starts to resist or starts to block all energy emotion or emotions or
feelings in our body our body literally cramps blockage or resistance of our
natural energy emotion out of fear feels like and is called pain and this way we
accumulate small and/or big blockages of our energy what we also call traumas now
none of us none of us want to feel that trauma or pain so we build a shiny wall
of distractions and pretending around it when for example a dog would break loose
and would chase you you would get a short shot of fight and flight chemicals
to get a rush of energy to run and survive but after a few minutes or hours
your body gets back into homeostasis or balance but when we are living in this
closed up fearful victim story experience loop for too long we are
constantly injected with those bio chemicals so our body becomes addicted
to our fight and flight chemicals because at least they give us a short
shot of energy that we become familiar with
and that is also the reason why we are addicted to thrillers to adrenaline
sports to danger to negativity in the news to judging gossip horror movies etc
because they inject us with our fight and flight chemicals that give us a
short shot or rush of energy that we are longing for since we are closed up from
our own feelings out of fear to feel our unsolved emotions we also become
materialists which means we use time people and materialistic things as
objects or bandages to distract ourselves with and that’s why we never
have time because we constantly need to be busy to be distracted from our
unsolved pain out of fear because of this biochemical imbalance for too long
caused by our blockage and continues fight and flight chemicals together with
possible environmental toxins from air or food our our immune system goes down
and we are conditioned to believe that our inherited genes create diseases but
scientists have discovered that it is not our genes that create diseases but
that it is our own biochemical physical and emotional reaction to our
environment that switches on certain genes in our body that creates diseases our disease symptoms aren’t just a
tasteless joke that life throws at us our disease symptoms are actually our
very valuable helping warning signals to warn us that we have been closed up and
have been heading in the wrong unnatural direction away from ourselves for way
too long now when we keep being unconscious of the wrong direction away
from our own nature we might only choose to suppress the symptoms with medication
or with building and even a curved wall of control addicting the
stretches and pretending without making a u-turn when we stay unconsciously a
closed-up puppet of our fearful victim story and our disease warning symptoms
we create dominant or covert victim behavior just to reaffirm our victim
story and our addiction to our fight and flight chemicals in our body so we
literally use our problems judging people our ex our boss drama or our
victim reality as an unconscious means to react to to get our addictive
biochemical victim shot we need the bad job or the poor relationship or even
disease because we become addicted to the life of suffering when our energy
level is dropping because we are closed up we automatically will start looking
for drama an image of what happened to us years ago our ex or whatever to react
to so that we get our next shot of energy through our fight and flight
chemicals and this way we create and recreate victim experiences and disease
symptoms matching our victim story if we would repeat this cycle once or twice it
would it wouldn’t keep us hard-wired programmed and powerless in or closed up
victim reality because the circuit would fade away again but in our brain this
cycle isn’t repeated once or twice in our brain this cycle has been fired and
wired circuits for decades which has hardwired conditioned and programmed us
to keep being trapped in the same victim disease suffering cycle for way too long
now in this hardwired cycle we have lost our free will and became a puppet of our
Rams suffering we actually mastered how to suffer but we have no idea how to
liberate ourselves now when we stay unconscious it will be impossible to
change from victim to freedom or to go from disease to spontaneous remission
not even with the best health techniques or medication in the world unless unless
we become conscious and cleanse ourselves from the very root up becoming
conscious about the fact that we are our own Creator and that it is our own
choice to stay a few based victim of our circumstances is the first step going
from the old unconscious victim self to the liberate itself is a neurological of
biological a chemical a hormonal and a genetic birth of the liberate itself and
this multi-level birth is true natural remission from every disease symptom you
may have and will prevent disease symptoms in other forms and I have
experienced myself that my life-threatening disease was rigged in
my own favor to make me wake up and take a hundred and eighty degree u-turn to
cleanse myself from every disease symptom from the very root up so I could
actually experience my liberated authentic natural healthy self again now
when you look at this vicious imprisoned victim reality you see that
deprogramming rewiring liberation or emission or our good intentions or New
Year’s resolutions can not be accomplished on the level of our
analytical thinking or with positive thinking techniques because if we stop
with our victim pattern then we don’t get our addictive shots anymore and we
will start craving for them until we say positive thinking doesn’t work and we
restart our victim cycle from the past what needs to be done is we really need
to flush out our unsolved layers of pain or
traumas from the very root up and both physically and mentally in the great
news about flushing out the very root cause is that you don’t have to relive
suppress or have to keep talking about your past in order to liberate yourself
completely only flushing out will do so no more fear to feel unsolved pain can
exist so no more fight and flight chemicals will constantly be injected in
our body and so no more disease genes will be switched on or disease symptoms
in other forms will be produced to warn us from the unhealthy wrong direction
so no more medication no more victim behavior no more victim experiences no
more victim story so no more unstoppable stressful fearful analyzing thoughts
will be necessary anymore so no more hard wired circuits in our brain and
body can keep you trapped in the same cycle of suffering anymore you see that
every different disease or disease symptom originates at the same route
every disease originates at our own reaction to our environment and is our
own resisting reaction to our environment that injects us with fight
and flight chemicals which knocks our biology our biochemistry in our immune
system out of balance it is our resistance or our blockage in our body
that makes makes our body feel pain and just like when someone would squeeze
your arm and would block your blood flow that it will hurt it is scientifically
proven that when we keep repeating this cycle of resistance or this biological
imbalance for too long that we actually switch on certain genes that cause
diseases now the good news is that there is a way to flush out our unsolved fear
our unsolved pain together with its corresponding disease
symptoms and blockages once and for all and do you want to know what the great
thing is about flushing out the root cause you don’t have to relief or a
reopen unsolved pain again so you don’t have to suppress or experience it ever
again so only flushing out the root cause once
and for all is enough this insight in how disease is created and to wake up
from the fact that it is not our environment but our own emotional
physical or biochemical reaction to our environment that switches on certain
disease genes it’s very valuable and the number one requirement towards
spontaneous natural disease remissions knowing that we have certain genes that
we have inherited that can cause diseases but won’t be switched on when
we do not switch them on by reacting to our environment helps to reclaim our
power from being a powerless victim if you are interested in natural scientific
based disease remissions and in getting rid of unsolved pain fear and disease
symptoms from the very inside out instead of endlessly fighting escaping
or repeating or suppressing valuable disease symptoms with for example
medication I have created three more valuable videos for you that built upon
this video that you’re gonna love the first video is about how to immediately
get past the symptom of acute fear especially helpful when you have been
diagnosed with any kind of disease the second video is a logical proof that
also you yes you actually can flush out or deprogram every disease symptom from
the very root up so together with its unsolved pain unsolved fear once and for
all and the third video is about one thing spontaneous disease or emissions
all have in common and how to make it a part of you now click the watch more
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