so today's workout looks absolutely horrible so I figured I would film it and you guys could watch me die but the workout that we're doing today that looked so horrible he's right here on the board we got 800 meter run 40 thrusters at 95 pounds six honey Herbies over the bar 600 meter run 30 thrusters 30 burpees 400 meter run 20 the rustlers 20 burpees it's a lot of burpees and thrusters and and then the PAC's class is still laying on the ground so are you ready for this hubba ready as I'll ever be yeah yeah I think I'm ready for anything ever but I just here we go [Applause] first that done and I got 600 me right [Applause] okay that's right Oh Hey Oh Marley come on dude they'll be fun haha like the hardest part was like how fried your shoulders were yeah yeah like I can feel how pump they were on the runs I felt like I was gonna hear my case um yeah or like if I thought I hit my chin on the fences tomorrow cuz I was so tired oh my gosh scared poster-boy skated like my shoulders like my elbows are coming down I was scared to drop it just cuz I can yeah yeah yeah okay okay you guys should try that workout 30 minute time cap basically if you don't think you can do the whole workout in 30 minutes get as much as you can done in 30 minutes