(gentle music) – What were a lot of your
frustrations on the things that you tried before getting the sleeve? (gentle music) – You start getting discouraged because you’re not losing
five pounds a week. It’s only like a pound
you’re losing, then you feel like you’re working so
hard, you’re working hard; and it’s just not enough. Nothing was working for me. (gentle music) – I mean, any surgery, no
matter how minor it is; it is scary. (gentle music) – It was comforting knowing
that you’re gonna be here. Hearing these things is refreshing ’cause it’s like you
went through it with me. – Of course, you’re not just gonna wake up and be able to do five miles. It takes consistency,
working out every day, even if it’s doing a mile every
day or just doing something that keeps you active. If I didn’t have the
surgery, I would not be able to do half the things that I am doing now. I promise you’re gonna
get to that five miles. – (laughing) Okay. (laughing) (gentle music)