Hey whats up everybody?
Stick Mobility here, Mitch and Dennis. So today we’re gonna talk about The Bird Dog. Do you even Bird Dog? What is a Bird Dog? How can we make The Bird Dog better, alright? So, we’re gonna get Dennis down here,
what, why? With a stick of course, that’s how. So look at, we’re going to try and create
tension and intention in this position. We know it’s used a lot, especially a lot
in rehab, but most people just hang out like. Dennis knows whats he’s doing,
so he’s going to create some tension. He’s got nice seamless straight lines,
right, everything’s in position. But most people are like, if they’re lucky
to even get there, they just hang out. So we’re going to take the stick,
he’s gonna put it on the top of his foot. So we’re gonna use tension through
the stick to irradiate the whole chain and line. And then, you ideally want to try and find a stick
where you can get to both ends and it makes you reach. And then that stick should be kinda up against the body
so we know we’re creating as much extension here We’ve got extension here, so now we look at these
nice lines and then he’s got to compress the stick. So now he’s going to light up that whole chain, that
anterior core, this nice contralateral pattern and line. And if we want some other feedback,
we can take a stick and go across the low back. Does it stay? Are we staying level? We could also challenge, like hey, let’s get everything
in position, look at that nice straight line. So head has to be in line, neck, all the way down the
back through the crack, right, we got good position here. So let’s have him relax there. Alright, so what we’re lookin at is, don’t just get
into the move, make the move work for you. So, create some nice long lines
and then create some tension. We’re using this for feedback and to irradiate
the tissues so we’re not just hanging out The Bird Dog can be a great exercise,
but we have to do it with some intention. So, get moving. Get your Bird Dog on. Until next time, Stick Mobility.
Movement made better.