hey guys it's friendly Turner from lien secrets calm welcome to another part of Q&A Tuesday's where I catch up on your Facebook and Twitter questions and answer them right here the question is Brenda I know how to lift but how do I know what exercises to put together to work effectively thank you very much for the question let's get into the answer the way that you know how to put together exercises or your routine your splits how to split up your week whatever whatever you want to call it what you should be doing on any particular day what I like to do and what I suggest you do is go kind of by instinct unless unless this is not going to apply to those of you who are let's say on a track team or volleyball player you're on a team sport and that's a totally different animal but if you're trying to train for fat loss and building a little bit of muscle or maintaining your muscle or sustain your muscle all those are different things but you go by instinct and you go by the way that your body feels so for instance today I did a very heavy leg day a very high volume leg day I go to the gym and I see what I feel like doing on that particular day my upper body was sore because yesterday I did boxing class so obviously if my upper body's already sore on a Monday from the boxing class I did on Sunday then I know monday is leg day because my upper body sore already so yeah I'll go ahead and do my legs on the days where I took a whole day off the day before I might do a full body day I might just do sprints I just kind of go by the way that I feel I think it's very antiquated and old-fashioned to go at it with the kind of legs and abs on Sunday chest and arms on Monday cardio on Tuesday it doesn't have to be as split up in a certain way and I really think that that is such a myth it's kind of like it seems like this mystified oh like magical thing like what do you split how do you do your workouts what splits do you do on what day there is no mystic thing just get in there and move your body and move it with purpose move it with a mind muscle connection really think about it really talk to your muscles with your brain and it doesn't have to it doesn't matter if you go to the gym and you do push-ups on a leg day it doesn't really matter even on a leg day if you're doing a leg day and you happen to do some pull-ups and push-ups no fall no foul there's not a wrong way or right way to split up your exercise routines you go in there you hit it hard and you kick ass and you do it intensely I don't care what anybody says it's gonna work it's going to work you go in there on Monday a leg day and you do sprints and then boxing and then you're you do heavy squats or deadlifts or lunges whatever if you do all those things on one day and somebody says oh you shouldn't do all those on one day because that's a leg day and you're doing upper body cardio it doesn't matter it doesn't matter intensity is what matters intensity is key intensity is key and also obviously doing dynamic movements so things like push-ups pull-ups clapping push-ups doing things that really are challenging for you that's really important that's the most important thing if you guys want any more information about how to get and stay lean for a mattone you can download my ebook by clicking this link right here you can also visit lean secrets calm and other than that I'll see you in the next video