– Gout is a type of
inflammation of the joints that can cause sudden and
severe attacks of pain and swelling. Fortunately, it can be
controlled with medication, a gout friendly diet,
and lifestyle changes. So in this video, I’m
gonna look at what to eat and what to avoid if you have gout. If you have gout, certain
foods may trigger an attack by increasing your uric acid levels. Trigger foods are
commonly high in purines, a substance found naturally in food. When you digest purines,
your body makes uric acid as a waste product. Now this is not a concern
for healthy people as they efficiently remove
excess uric acid from the body. However, people with gout
can’t efficiently remove excess uric acid. Thus a high purine diet,
may let uric acid accumulate and cause a gout attack. Fortunately, research
shows that restricting high purine foods, as well as
taking appropriate medications can prevent further gout attacks. What foods should you avoid? So the main culprit of gout
attack is high purine foods, which we will list in a moment. Interestingly, fructose and
sugar sweetened beverages like soda, also appear
to increase gout risk. And they’re not high in purines. Instead it’s food that
may rises uric acid levels by accelerating several
cellular processes. For instance a study including
over a 125,000 participants found that people who
consume the most fructose had a 62% higher risk of developing gout. Okay with that in mind here, some of the major high purine
and high fructose foods to avoid. All organ meats, these include
liver, kidneys, sweet breads, brain, game meats, like
pheasant, veal, venison. Fish, herring, trout,
mackerel, tuna, sardines, anchovies, haddock, and more. Other seafood as well like
scallops, crab, shrimp, and roe. Alcoholic beverages, this is
a big one, especially beer the body prioritizes removing
alcohol over uric acid. Sugary beverages, especially
fruit juice and sugary sodas. Added sugars, honey, agave
nectar, and high fructose corn syrup of course. And yeasts, nutritional
yeast, brewer’s yeast, and other yeast supplements. You may have noticed that
there’s no fruit or vegetables on that list. Now there are veggies
that are high in purines, but research shows that
they just don’t cause an increased risk of gout, like the non vegetable
high purine resources. As you’ve heard time and time again, you’ve got to eat more
fruits and vegetables. Additionally, refined carbs
like white bread, cakes, and cookies, should also be avoided. Although they’re not high
in purines or fructose, they’re low in nutrients
and may raise your uric acid levels. Okay what foods should you eat then? Although a gout friendly
diet seems like it eliminates a lot of foods, there are
plenty of low purine foods that you can enjoy. All fruits are generally fine for gout. Cherries may even help
prevent attacks by lowering uric acid levels and
reducing inflammation. All vegetables are fine. Like potatoes, peas, mushrooms, eggplants, dark green leafy vegetables especially. Legumes are good as well. That’s lentils, beans, soy
beans, tofu, nuts, and seeds they’re fine. Whole grains that’s like
oats, brown rice, and barley. Eggs and dairy products, they’re all safe. Low fat dairy appears to
be even more beneficial. For drinks you can still
have coffee tea, green tea. You can use herbs and
spices, plant based oils are fine including
canola, coconut, olive oil and flax oils. Aside from organ meats, game
meats and a few types of fish, you can also eat meat
a few times per week. So things like chicken or beef. You just have to make sure
the portion is quite small. So about four to six ounces
or a 115 to 170 grams per serving. Last aside from those diet changes, research shows that losing
weight greatly helps as does regularly exercising
and limiting or cutting out all alcohol. There’s also new research indicating that vitamin C supplementation
can help the kidneys to remove excess uric acid but more studies are needed
before we can recommend this. Thanks for watching. Make sure to give this video a thumbsup if you found it informative. And don’t forget to
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