– talk to the people man Lemnos getting ready to go down what's going on guys urban Felix Shawn what the fitness journals not comment if you are a journalist welcome – that's good money shadow so guys now the workouts I'm about to give to you they're free they're pretty basic but there's gonna be some advanced stuff right now but remember quick size tip your core you have four muscles transverse abdominus rectus abdominus internal external obliques you got to make sure you're doing rotational lateral movements so you're hitting everything and when we say core we're talking about the whole width of the entire torso section so keep that in mind if you don't know now you know so first thing we're going to start right now we're including some dynamic and isometric so legs straight out like that you're gonna raise your right arm I mean you're gonna raise her your right leg to meet your right your left arm so opposite it's one two and I learned point out again my feet are not dropping to the floor I'm keeping it the tension right here one once again if you can't do that Dec put your feet on the floor but the goal is to have it up here engaging one four five six seven and I'm squeezing I'm maintaining the tension eight breathe nine ten so think about all the factors all right now we're going down hands on the floor feet up on a bench or elevated surface make sure it's sturdy okay we're starting in a feet elevated position we're pushing the butt into the air by squeezing the core squeeze as you see nice pyramid shape just like that simple as that all right we're to come over to call a few in here we'll do it there now this is a little bit more advanced but doing those supportive exercises should help you be able to build a pair so these are diner well moving levers basically we're going to come here we're gonna raise into the Weaver again race it to the Weber now so those are dynamical even fool core full core lash as well but full core like I said the core goes around the whole extreme any of the torso correct that's it alright and then we're gonna come over here good this way food is just like this we're gonna um rot back a little bit rock back rock back tuck we're not going to be like this no we're engaging the core engaging so we're rocking back squeeze if you want to get more dynamic internal external obliques just like that remember the whole purpose that you're focusing on is having the core be engaged when you're like this no your core is not engaged this is passive you want to be active not passive active passive just like that we're gonna come back over here for the last one we could have done this at the beginning buttons doing it now back on the bench we're bringing our opposites again that's all that matters opposite squeeze squeeze squeeze rotational squeeze squeeze squeeze so as you see we pretty much covered lateral rotational those movements hitting all the muscles of the core not just the abdominals but the core that's it right there I even have a problem with the do now apologize apologize Oh disrespect the nut oh yeah thanks again man once again this is the best core workout for six-pack abs look remember and this strengthens and develops your core if you want to see visible abs that comes that happens in the kitchen but keep in mind just like any other muscle you got to work the core as well you work it you develop it having a strong core is important especially if you're doing calisthenics it's a fundamental you know understanding that core needs to be strong so work all those planes sagittal frontal transverse planes everything engage the core that's it alright y'all make sure y'all subscribe to my man's channel to fitness journals LLC there we go links will be in the description box follow him on Instagram ta tfj underscore CEO links will be in the description box thanks again my brother this wealth your money soon