so some of you guys might know if you've been following me on social media for the last couple of months I recently had a surgery I got my breast implants removed I did do a couple videos where I spoke about that so if you want to learn a little bit more only this down below but essentially having a surgery meant that I had to take some time off of the gym so there is at least six weeks where I definitely could not do weight lifting sessions sash workouts so to be honest with you guys this workout is one of the first few that I actually have done since my surgery in terms of lower body I'm definitely out of practice I'm weaker I'll have lost muscle and my physique is not where I want it to be but that's okay because I'm going to be working towards a goal and I thought this is the perfect time to do workout for beginners because I kind of feel like a beginner again and like I'm starting afresh so today's video is going to be leg and glute workout now I specifically have beginners in mind when I made this workout what I believe a beginner workout consists of is exercises that are easy to perform and that allow you to engage the muscles that you're targeting more efficiently without requiring very specific technique or very specific use to maximize mind muscle connection it's exercises that require more natural movement patterns and that can help you go on to master more difficult movements down the line so basically if you want to do this workout and you're more intermediate and advanced that's okay you can just use the amount of weight that's going to challenge you you can even add in extra sets for more volume my goal for this rickle was to stick to lighter weights and as I mentioned before exercises that were easy to master and that I knew would engage the muscles that I was targeting I was really looking to hit my glutes and my hamstrings I'm really really looking forward to this for go so I hope you guys enjoy it if you like this video don't forget to give me like because it will let me know to do more videos like this I'm doing so many of this month so don't forget to hit the bell notifications so you know when I post a video okay that's enough for this intro let's get started with the workout I will talk to you guys in a second and a voiceover I'm different so we're starting off this workout with a smith machine squat this exercise is a great beginner exercise because it's a really good alternative to a free barbell squat if you are new to lifting weights and you should definitely spend some time in learning and practicing how to do a barbell squat but in the meantime if you are not totally comfortable this is a great one because the strength and the movement pattern will help transfer over to the squat but with a smith machine you're getting a controlled vertical path and it means that you don't have to worry about your balance which allows you to focus completely on your lower body I've mentioned this before on my old videos but this exercise is going to give you an optimal environment to teach you how to engage your glutes at the bottom of a squat in a stretched position we all know how easy it is to squeeze our glutes when we're at the top of a deadlift at the top of the squat we're at the top of a hip thrust but it's harder to learn how to activate your glutes and squeeze them at the bottom and this is an extremely extremely useful mind to muscle skill I guess you could say to have some form tips for this exercise I recommend you take a wider than shoulder-width stance with your toes pointed out this will help your knees track out as well the combination of you opening up your hips rotating and turning your knees out and squeezing your glutes mindfully from the bottom of the squat is all going to help you learn to use your glutes throughout the entire exercise not just when you're reaching the top of the movement I recommend you do three sets of this exercise 12 to 15 reps each set I like to start with 15 reps and a lighter weight and increase the weight each set such that on the last set with my heaviest weight that I use I'm really pushing and struggling to hit 12 reps the second exercise that I'm doing is another old favorite of mine for the glutes this is a sumo Romanian deadlift meaning that rather than starting the movement from the ground and dead lifting the weight up you're actually starting with a weight top and the focus is on the eccentric part of the exercise which is the lowering part of the exercise so we're really focusing on the stretch that we're feeling in our glutes and our hamstrings and feeling that stretch again is going to really help you be able to fully contract those muscles on the way up for the sumo stance you're just taking a water than shoulder-width stance I take quite a wide stance because I have longer legs so you choose a stance that is comfortable for you as I mentioned turning the toes outward you really want to transfer all of your weight back onto your hips keeping a slight bend in your knees and using your barbell as your counterweight and your hips are all the way back that's when you want to engage your glutes use your glutes to tuck your pelvis and to thrust your hips forward effectively pulling the weight up as you do this you might notice that my upper back is slightly rounded in this exercise it's honestly something that I'm very self-conscious of I do have a genetic tendency to have rolled forward shoulders and around it back it's something that got a lot worse when I had my breast implants unfortunately it just doesn't help that situation whatsoever so I just wanted to let you know that I would highly recommend trying to keep your entire back as straight as possible and avoid any rounding in your back for this exercise I recommend the same protocol as a smith machine hip thrusts so we're doing 12 to 15 reps I would start off on the higher end of the rep range with a lower way aim to increase your weight each set until on the last site you're doing 12 reps but you are really really challenging yourself to get those last few reps now on to the hip thrust everyone's favorite glute builder and for good reason everyone should be doing a variation of the hip thrust to be honest guys because of the way that my body is built I've got really long femurs which means my thighs are very long in proportion to my torso it's been difficult for me to get the hip thrust right so I'm going to share with you guys my specific tips other than the usual ones you hear which is heat your back straight tuck your chin and tuck your pelvis which I've mentioned before I recommend keeping your heels pretty much under your knees so that's around a 90 degree bend in the knees using a lower box rather than just sinking straight down I recommend sinking your hips down and towards the box I really find that pivoting your shoulder blade around the box to be really helpful in forcing you to keep a straight lower back rather than falling into the trap of lumber hyperextension which is gonna make you feel the hip thrust in your lower back rather than your glutes which is like the worst thing ever and the most pointing thing when you're trying to do hip thrusts so so we need to avoid that at all costs another tip is I like to do my hip thrust lite I know there's so many people who are hip thrusting so much weight and I really do find that how strong you are on hip thrust is really dependent on your body structure if you've got the shorter femurs these people tend to be better at squatting so if that's you then you know who you are that body type has an advantage with hip thrusting as well but either way and should always just do a weight that's challenging to you if you do struggle with the hip thrust girl don't worry just lower the weight who cares you just need to challenge yourself I like to do low weight and high reps so I'm doing 20 to 25 reps Michael a hundred percent is to increase my weight over time and ideally I would like to stick with in the 12 to 15 rep range but for now this is what I do so that I can benefit from this movement while still being able to perform it correctly and feel it in my glutes this next exercise I'm showing you guys I'm not gonna lie it does look a little bit weird but bear with me because it's a really good one so this is what I like to call a squat walk I'm doing it first here with a barbell because that's how I usually do it but I actually do show the exercise with a dumbbell in the next few Clips I'm taking very wide diagonal steps along with short strides and this is going to mimic the squat stand acting like a sort of unilateral squat and I always like to include a unilateral exercise in every single one of my lower body workouts and this is just going to help reduce any imbalances so this workout was actually the first time that I tried this exercise using a dumbbell instead of the barbell and I actually really really liked it it looks a lot more natural it felt a lot more natural so I do recommend you do this exercise with the dumbbell if you are trying it out for the first time I also really light the fact that by holding the dumbbell it actually causes your torso to lean forward a little bit more and the benefit of that is that especially with this exercise a forward torso lean causes there to be more been in the hips less bend at the knees which mean the glutes are going to be more dominant in this exercise rather than the quads holding the dumbbell also requires a little bit less upper-body strength as you're not having to put it on your own back and then also it requires less balance so that's a positive as well I'm definitely gonna keep doing this exercise I love it especially as a finisher the reason why I recommended this exercise instead of a lunge is because due to the nature of the stance similar to the squat the hip thrust it's a little bit easier to engage your glutes and also whereas I feel like with a lunge especially if you're not practiced with it it can easily encourage your quads to take over I came out with this exercise after spending a lot of time trying different lunge variations so I wouldn't burn so I highly recommend trying it out I personally did 4 sets of 12 reps per side so that's 24 steps total by that point my glutes are screaming and just completely we go we'd be forever young but now we can't get flow finish off my workout of course I could not ignore the hamstrings I always like to do one knee flexion hamstring exercise per workout knee flexion means bending at the knees so you don't want to ignore this type of movement for the hamstring that's really important I'm also doing it as a unilateral exercise this is also preferred if I do have the time and I'm only doing one hamstring exercise so here I am doing a kneeling hamstring curl using this specific machine but you don't have to do this you can actually replicate this exercise using a leg extension machine just kind of bending over towards the machine but also that's not necessary especially if you are a beginner you might want to just stick to you the lying hamstring curl if you have one doing it one leg at a time or using the seated hamstring curl is okay as well again I like to stick to a light to moderate weight and I'm doing 12 to 15 reps per leg my best beginner tip for the hamstring curl is you don't need to do these reps in a rush it's not a race what you want to do is focus on squeezing your hamstring and the weight will follow slow and controlled is a way to go with your curls I said or hamstrings okay guys that is it for this workout I really hope that you enjoyed if you did of course don't forget to give me a thumbs up it really helps me out a lot of support on my videos means so so much to me it's very rewarding and creating these videos for you guys okay that's all from me I'll see you guys in the next video