I’m Dr Anna Campbell. I’m a reader in Clinical
Exercise Science at Edinburgh Napier University and I am a director of CanRehab, which trains
fitness and health professionals in cancer and exercise. There is lots of evidence to show that being
active, during or after treatment, any time after diagnosis is beneficial. The research
shows that physical activity helps to prevent the deconditioning that can happen during treatment
and afterwards it can help you get back to normal.
It also improves your confidence and reduces the loneliness you may feel, the anxiety,
the depression that some people get after treatment. By being physically active, it
can be anything. A little bit is better than nothing at all, but by doing what you would
like to do, that’s the real benefit of being physically active.
It can even potentially reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.
Macmillan’s Move More programme is excellent, because what Macmillan have decided to do
is to try and provide opportunities for anybody affected by cancer to do what they would like
to do to help them take those first steps to getting active.
So rather than just giving one size that fits all, the Move More programme will make sure
that you, as a cancer patient or carer, get the programme and the ability to move on and
change your behaviour with physical activity, and the type of activity which suits you best.
What we really need now is anybody who works with people affected by cancer; any health
professional, physiotherapist, allied health professional, social worker, we need you now
to refer your clients to these programmes. Once you refer them we will make sure the
programmes are safe and effective for your clients, but we need someone to help them
make that first step and make them aware of these fantastic Move More programmes throughout
the whole of Scotland.