– Brie and I are so honored to appear on the cover of Muscle & Fitness. – Yeah, that’s right. – We are the first female athlete to be on the cover in 20 years. – We’ve always talked about
having a woman on the cover, but we’ve always tried to figure out who the right woman would be. – And so for Brie and
I, we’re just like wow. (upbeat music) – They are like superhero
characters, right. And that’s what I wanted
to capture that strength, but also the femininity of them. So you get this soft, but also the strong. (upbeat music) – I think the great thing about women appearing on the
cover of Muscle & Fitness is it shows that we’re equal to men, in our fitness, the way we work out, the way we build muscle. (upbeat tech music) – The Bella Twins, they are just stunning and beautiful, not only from the outside, it’s also the inside. – [Nikki] Who’s the stronger Bella? – Mentally or physically? – Oh really ’cause that’s me on both. – Yeah, right. – Which Bella has the stronger core? – It’s physically obvious. – How dare you? – This issue is all about women in power. – And I’m hoping this is my last photo shoot before I’m a mother. – Oh, there’s no baby. – No, we’re hoping there’s one, so. – It’s big to have the
Bellas representing us. – Women nowadays, we’re keeping
up right there with the men. It’s about being healthy. It’s about being strong. So I really hope our pictures portray that and just inspire people
to love who they are and be their type of strong. – So thank you, Muscle & Fitness. – [Announcer] Check out The Bellas workout routines and all
the scoop on Total Divas, Total Bellas and more in the
new issues of Muscle & Fitness. (upbeat music)