Our next question comes from Dave and it says
a former SF guy. Now in my world that means it could
be a former San Francisco guy or a former special-forces guy. Let’s just go
with the idea that I think he might be special forces. And we’ve talked about
this before Kevin and I. “I’m curious to what your opinion will be on the army
changing their physical fitness test from two minutes of push-ups and sit-ups
followed by two minute run to the army combat fitness test?” And he reviews it.
I’ll just read it off. “The new test consists of a three rep max hex bar
deadlift, a backward 10 yard 10 pound med ball toss, hand release push-ups,” Hmm I
wonder how they got those, “a sprint, drag, carry, leg tucks off of a pull-up bar
elbows to quads and the two-mile run. There’s a lot of people complaining
since 30% of tested males have failed and 80 plus percent percent of tested
females have failed.” Yeah David you’re right. My god people
are failing a fitness test. I always thought that was a good idea. I like to
give students a test on day one in a semester I gave him basically a preview
of the final and I’m hoping that they get 20 to 30% on it because what that
does is it opens up to a better way of thinking. As people figure out that this
test is serious and this test is real I think you’ll
notice that people begin to train to the test. Now if you’re asking me
someone training to the the deadlift, the med ball toss, the push up, the carry,
leg tucks and two-mile run, if they’re testing up to that, they are testing up
to a lot of important things. I really like the test a lot. Now having said that,
it’s new and it’s early and already there’s been some subtle changes made
but I am a big fan of it. I see, I have no idea what a two minute sit-up. I’ve
never seen anyone in in a battlefield or the field of play do two minutes of
sit-ups. And I’m sure someone has and I’ll get an
email about that. You know back in the Civil War one time when, you know
when the Confederates were coming over the mountain I had to sit under
the log and you know do two minutes of sit ups. I’m sure that’s an email I’ll get,
but I’m a big fan David. Thank you.