your jumpstart your body today with a brand-new seven-minute workout we're gonna give you the most efficient and effective workout the maximize fat burning in just 7 minutes Liberty trader Donovan green is here he trains me sure I wish I look like that it's the closest approximation of Donovan I can give everybody so here's the thing you most of all you say I just don't have an hour to work out you don't even have a half an hour to work at it right that's an excuse or the Suns in your eyes or the workout clothes don't fit I've heard them all but I'm telling you in seven minutes we could make this happen in fact why do you think seven ministers have been better than an hour work out of the gym here's a funny thing when you hear seven minutes right it's like no way can I get results in seven minutes but in reality seven minutes is much easier and more efficient in an hour but if I asked you guys to work out for an hour versus seven minutes what will you choose tell them it is seven minutes so the idea is to get your body working you're also hitting your anaerobic which is your resistance and your aerobic which is your cardiovascular and the good news each movement is only 60 seconds so this is called high-intensity interval training correct the idea is to go as hard as you can don't stop because oh I feel like I'm burning out stop when you feel like your body is really burning out the first minute is jumping jacks first minutes jumping jacks it's just to warm the body up standard jumping jacks it's just basically just here and you're gonna go for 60 seconds let's rock and roll baby let's go and you know you got butwhy jumping jacks why'd you start here jumping jacks warm your muscles up you never want to warm up when you workout with your cold you'll hurt yourself when you're warmed up the body is ready to move and able to sustain the workout wear think Christina oh she's just saying can you do it alright the second that it is a dynamic full body stretching left for one minute but after you warmed up you want to stretch your body so it's very simple Veej it's tool which is the martial arts you go down to your toes you touch the knees touch the tummy reach up tummy knees down up boom up oh baby just did it keep it up [Applause] you got it girl I think I got this thing a martial arts version of those jumping jacks yes we have 50 seconds to this fifty seconds of that you keep going how you doing it let it go how you feeling how you feeling we're teaching here we're counting we're teaching six seven my next victim is K on it how are you okay so these are the front kick squats this is the third minute front kick squats so basically it's just you squat you kick left you squat you kick right you squat you take left now here's a good thing right you could do this any time if you don't need no gym you don't need no expensive equipment you don't need no personal trainer right here are you feeling okay now what is this working this is working your glutes on the squat it's working a lower body on the kicks it's working your cardiovascular so you getting strength and cardio in one shot I can feel my heart rate going up already it's like yeah mine's been going up for a while can how you doing all right now the fourth minute see the arm curl here we go and press so all we're doing now is we're sitting down oh good who don't have a chair everybody has a chair so you sit down get your dumbbells chest up curl press up back down repeat so here's the fun part I don't have dumbbells you don't lose the cans of beans use a bottle of water bottle of wine and it wind up leave it up to him to say that nothing ever stated how do you know what the right weight is Fric is chaotic you know working a little bit there but right when I'm doing this I'm using 25 to 30 pounds oh we're doing 60 seconds if you're a beginner you choose something that's manageable don't force yourself make sense what's the right way so you can just barely get to 60 seconds the right weight is where you're like this ah like that okay almost like that right now feel the burn side step chest fly exactly so here we go when you're picking up the dumbbells the do not this bend your legs pick them up properly protected back okay all right so this will you get some music pumping right go put your hands like this you're gonna tap then tap and then tap and then tap and it's a blow baby [Applause] this is working your chest muscles it's working in a tie to outer thigh a doctor ah you know I'm gonna challenge you a little bit go lower ohh Nikki's with us do it for 60 seconds total alright and the last is sick I left up the six but we haven't their submitted we're a six minute is the need left side Bend exactly so here we go you could use the dumbbells you can go without the dumbbell now what the dumbbells look at her she's all muscle but a beat me up your soda right so take you hands like this come up crunch and then and and Bend make sure you're bended knees an outside this is working your obliques here's the deal I hear a lot of people say I can't go through the ground and do sit-ups what are we working right now doctor awesome Oh every part of my body frankly you're working your oblique muscles yep you're working your thighs you're hitting all of your apps without going to the ground sound good I like it this is called the kick back punch it's the seventh minute the last minute the ring with us yeah alright so here we go you want to get the legs apart squat it down you're gonna look over that shoulder kick back with the right leg all the way back now kick back with the left leg punch forward boom boom kick back with the left leg now with the right leg punch boom boom kick back with the right leg in the left leg poom poom come on baby [Applause] kick it that's it backwards looking good come on cake I'm gonna watch it for a second now when you're kicking squeeze and glutes extend the legs all the way back don't hyperextend don't live too hard to her get back that's a lot of things to remember [Applause] come on you sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything and remember to check back often to see what's new