all right cake 53 what's popular fam my name is Brennan Myers and today we're with Cesar Sosa the planche King aka demonstration King say what up okay we're not gonna do that again anyways if you want to subscribe to my new daily vlog channel go ahead put your arm up right up there the card click it and subscribe daily vlogs like I said also April 15th the apparel I believe in you make it count driven that ass joggers are all come out this weekend and now to the video we're going to be debunking the five hundred push-ups a day miss why because I see it time and time again everyone doing as many pushups a day just to get stronger more powerful well that is actually wrong and I'll tell you why I'm just three one and all right so to start off this video let's start talking about pushing Caesar what are you doing bro seriously you know in a hoe sit oh there is this and also there is this so 500 push-ups a day myth it's a myth for a reason most people don't think it is because well if you do more push-ups that you'll get better at push-ups that's true in some sense if you want to increase your power your strength you want to get a little bit bigger you cannot be just doing 500 of the same push-ups every single day of your increasing variation it'll be a little bit easier Caesar is not big and strong and he can't do crazy planches because he just does push-ups regular push-ups every single day he had to increase his variation so when you're talking about push-ups focus on a few different things first of all variation is very very important increasing the resistance we're not using weights we're not doing bicep curls we're not doing overhead press and bench press we have our own bodyweight so the harder you make all of these movements the easier it will be and we'll be going through exercises in just a few minutes after the variation you need to increase the volume but not too much not 500 push-ups a day now let's think about what we're doing three sets of six explosive Superman push-up pause Superman push-ups okay well then we're going to do three sets of six of those and then we're going to go into a different movement and then a different movement so maybe not 500 maybe 200 or 100 or maybe even 80 or 70 push-ups and then frequency how many times per week are you doing it if you do it every single day you will then be completely used to the exercises it's called a gas theory where you take a new exercise and then you start working at it you are alarmed first you are alarmed your body is so surprised it's just hurt it's broken down then you start to get used to the actual exercise and this is where you build a lot more strength power and size and then you completely are adapted to the movement and your body is no longer under stress and this is where you will transform your body so that being said the myth behind 500 push-ups a day is there it's the bunk don't do it every single day focus on three times per week and then you'll be good to go but now let's get into some exercises that will help you get exactly where you need to be some of the ultimate exercises consist of the plant if you want to lead up to this exercise you need to start off the specific movements that will then a progression into such advanced movements so first of all we're going to go into the actual arrow push-up but it's going to be a little bit different of an arrow push-up we're not going to be so much pushing up with our left arm we are going to be pulling more just like a chest fly with that straight arm and as so as you come up you'll see that it's completely straight fully extended with that actual elbow and as you goes down to the left and come up are you going to pull pull pull here squeezing that chest as much as possible and he's going to come all the way to the other side down and all the way back up making sure that his butt is completely straight his back is completely straight his chin is tucked and then he will be great and good to go the next exercise we're going to be going down into a practice planche push-up or a lean pushup so we're going to be in a perfect push-up okay you can twist out or externally rotate those hand if you want not too much just enough just so it takes a lot of pressure off of your actual wrists and as you move forward you can see his lean hollow body here and now he's going to be coming down keeping those elbows tucked into those hips coming all the way down neutral spine and coming straight up but this is going to do is it's going to challenge your force arm and now it's going to be a lot harder for your anterior delts and your chest to stabilize in that position all the way down and all the way up let's do one more we're going to be focusing on really tightening up that core those glutes and staying straight all the way through and this will give you the exact challenge and resistance that you need for your pushup for this next exercise we're going to be going into something more classic with a increased variation and that is the clap pushup now if you see his hands or about shoulder width apart he's fully extended up top straight hollow-body all the way down and what he's going to be doing is coming all the way down and it's push up pausing at the bottom and then exploding up in to that clap as high as possible what this is going to do is recruit much more contraction throughout the whole movement increase the variation and the higher you go the more explosive you are the better your workout will be so make sure you're including this type of exercise in to your actual workout and on to the next exercise so this final exercise we're going to be going down into the archer or arrow pushup and what we're going to be doing is completely straight with our whole body and then our left or right whichever arms you're going down on first is going to be completely extended with that same arm that is extended externally rotating at that wrist and then the other arm that you're going to be going down on and focusing on that PEC you want to make sure that wrist is completely straightened more in a neutral position hollow body again and coming down and just focusing on that right side and then moving over to the left side switching the hand position hand placement and then going down and focusing on keeping that chin tucked going all the way down and all the way up and you should 1000% feel it more than you have been with just regular push-up all right how do you feel that hurt okay see you guys like look how pumped he is like look at his bonus I hidden your workout biceps what is that there you just massive sauce anyway Caesar does straight bodyweight training he's getting more incorporated with a little bit of weights but mainly everything that he's done has been all off of using his own weight his own resistance to create the body that he has the strength that he has so you can accomplish an incredible body you can get stronger become more powerful with only bodyweight training now with all these different exercises I want you to be focusing on three to five sets and anywhere from 6 to 10 repetitions this is going to be working on hypertrophy if you want it to be a little bit more strength a little more powerful then focus three to five repetitions and increase this sets a little bit more but other than that that is the whole myths debunked and we provide these exercises for you so you can get the best out of it thanks Caeser I appreciate it coming out of here he's going to be coming in most of these videos with me we're working together a lot he believes in you too so anyways again thank you so much for tuning in remember the daily vlog channels up there okay and the description down below it will I realized anyways thanks for tuning in comment down below if you enjoyed give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed and just give us a smile if you enjoy we'll see you next time Saturday