BROOKLYN SITTNER: Like, my hard work is paying
off, like, Brooklyn you are 10 years old and you are benching with 25-year-olds and 27-year-olds.
It’s just super crazy. BROOKLYN SITTNER:: Hi! I am Brooklyn Sittner,
I am 10 years old and I am from Montana. I am a Olympic Lifter and Crossfitter and my goal is to make it to the CrossFit games when I am 14 years old in 2021. COMM: This pre-teen has dedicated her life to CrossFit, the high intensity mix of gymnastics and weightlifting. BROOKLYN SITTNER: When I wake up in the morning,
I love having a purpose for life, I love having a goal, a drive and I am not the type of person,
when I wake up in the morning I just go with the flow. That’s definitely not me. I am
very competitive. I always want to be working to make myself better. COMM: Brooklyn first began training with her
dad, Cory, when she was just 6 years old. CORY SITTNER:: Brooklyn first got into the
CrossFit about four years ago when I went in. Yeah, she had that obsession for the rings
and she would just go to the rings every day. You know, I don’t even think she knew what
they were. She would just like, try and pull herself up on them for like, hours. And then
all of a sudden she got her first muscle up and it was like smile from here to here. Floodgates
have been open ever since. BROOKLYN SITTNER: How often do I workout?
I workout six to seven days a week. BROOKLYN SITTNER: And I am at the gym usually
for eight to nine hours. COMM: Brooklyn even home schools so she can
focus on her training. BROOKLYN SITTNER: Do I ever feel like I am
missing out on other things kids are doing? No, because when I am travelling I am thinking
to myself, like, ‘Brooklyn, you are doing awesome. Like, other kids in your neighbourhood
aren’t going to be travelling to Miami and all these other places and they are not going
to get the same opportunity that you are getting with CrossFit.’ BROOKLYN SITTNER: The CrossFit Gym is my friends
and family. So my neighbourhood friends they are always like ‘Wow! You are so strong,
like, I bet you could like, pick me up and throw me across the room if you tried to.’ BROOKLYN SITTNER: Crossfit is the biggest
family I have ever had. CrossFit is community. So when I am with the people from my gym I
am like, ‘Man, like, this is where I belong.’ COMM: At just 10 years old, Brooklyn is already
out-lifting adults. KELLY ARMSTRONG: It’s super fun to see her
succeed and make crazy lifts on her percentages and her body weight workouts that she beats
me up the majority of the time; you would never really expect that from a 10-year-old. BROOKLYN SITTNER: Robin and Kelly’s face
sometimes when we are doing pull-ups or something. I will be like, ‘Oh, you’re going to do pull-ups
today. I can’t wait to race you.’ KELLY ARMSTRONG: Sometimes, all the time.
Whatever! CORY SITTNER: Brooklyn trains with me every
day. I train with her. Now, like, she teaches me just if not more than I teach her. CORY SITTNER: So, it’s pretty amazing. BROOKLYN SITTNER: My number one goal is to
make the CrossFit games. When I achieve that goal which I will, it will be the biggest
reward I could ever have. I mean I have been working at this thing for over three years
now and so when I finally make it to the games, I will be seven years into CrossFit and
that’s the first year I can actually compete. I would really also like to make the Olympics
for weightlifting. Do I think I will ever get bored of CrossFit? No way José, there
is no way that I could ever get bored of CrossFit. You can never beat the game of CrossFit, there’s
no other sport that I could be in that would make me as happy as I am with CrossFit.