Instructor Yang. What is it? What did she wear? Instructor Yang. What’s that? Instructor Yang. What’s that? It’s for Christmas. (I’m here) – She’ll work out in that? / – It’s Christmas. (Ta-da) Will she work out in that? She bought those leggings. You’re saying it’s Christmas, so you’ll work out like that? – Yes. / – Isn’t it uncomfortable? This is insane. Have some holiday spirit. You can see the muscles on my back. See? I can flex them like this. You can see her muscles better… – So you can’t argue with her. / – Right. She eats like that while maintaining her muscles, so I can’t argue with her. You can’t. She does her job. You can see the muscles on my back… – Much better. / – Turn around. Let me see your hands. (It wasn’t just the clothes?) What is that? It’s for Christmas. Gosh. (Christmas edition) Isn’t that too much? Girls like to try these at least once during the holiday season. Is that so? You’re going to work out like that? Yes. This is insane. Fine. Start after him. She’s so unique. You can’t argue with her. We’ll work on upper back muscles. We’ll repeat a training cycle. There are three training machines used to build up the same muscles. That stimulates the muscles more effectively. Dongeun will start first. (Dongeun starts the workout cycle) – Stay focused. / – Yes. Stay focused. Her muscles are in better shape. These are her normal muscles. (Embarrassed, envious) Director Dongeun is so cool. The workout will begin. Her face never changes. She never looks strained. Now move forward. Pull back farther. (Muscles in precise movement) Dongeun usually does 30 at once. Heave-ho, heave-ho. She is like a robot. She really is like a robot. Rumor has it, she is a robot. She’ll be offered a role in an A.I. themed film. (A.I. robot Dongeun in perfect posture) (Face of a normal person) That’s how normal people look. Right. That’s how humans look. (Back muscles fired up) Pull harder. (Robot Dongeun, waiting for her turn) Pull harder. (Seongsu works out with his face) Normal humans are like that. (This will be the death of me…) That is how we look. Heave-ho, heave-ho. But Director Dongeun… That scene shows us a machine versus humans. (Robot Dongeun vs. Muscle crew) A human. – The machine. / – The robot. But it is hard training. You can see her muscles move. They’re moving. (Facial expression) (Muscle visibility) Is Director Dongeun in better shape than the male weight trainers? – She is. / – Her muscles? Her body is in great condition. She could enter a competition with only a fortnight of training. – Really? / – Yes. But the male trainers would require several months, given their condition. (They need several months’ training) She is in much better shape. Again. Rotate. (Boss Yang’s muscle house, hard at work) I’m hungry. It means the workout is effective. Rotate. – What does he mean? / – Eating… Would pump up our muscles. Please supply meat. (Robot Dongeun needs fuel) Finish this last rotation, and we’ll go out to eat. – Really? / – Sure. – One, two. / – Hard training is fine… But she can’t hold back hunger. (Muscle house of horrors, endless training) What are you doing? Pull. Pull harder. What will we have for lunch? Meat. – Meat? / – Yes. Lean forward. – Meat after five sets? / – Yes. It’s as if she doesn’t have emotions. An A.I. robot that only responds to food. Now begin. (Silent howl) Meat or no meat, he’s suffering. Five more. One, two, three, four, five. Let’s go out for meat. – All done? / – Yes. Okay. (Whew… I survived…) Go get changed. I’ll eat in these clothes. We’re going to my mother’s place. What? To his mother’s house? – So suddenly? / – Yes. Why? You’re trying to cut back expenses, so you’re going to her place to eat? (Stinginess trumps filial duty) No, it’s not like that. I wanted my mother and my employees to meet each other. People miss home meals during the holidays. – During the year-end. / – Yes. You miss home meals. – You miss your family. / – Yes. I wanted them to have a home meal at my mother’s place. You have a kind heart. He’ll need a lot of meat. (They eat huge portions…) Hurry up. Aren’t you coming to eat? I’m coming. (Hurrying) Is the music ready? Load the music. Yes. (Singing room on wheels, getting started) They always get lively. (Excited) I thought, “We’ll get to eat tasty food cooked by his mother.” (Dongeun’s singing room on wheels) (Age 16 when H.O.T. released “Candy”) Programmed to sing? ♪ I’ll leave you, yeah ♪ (Born in 1995, a year old at the time) (He doesn’t know the song) Dongeun, you grew up listening to this, right? I was classmates with Sung Yuri. Huh? I was classmates with Sung Yuri. – Fifth and sixth grades. / – Really? Friends with Zo Insung and Sung Yuri. I was the class president. (She was their class president) They might not remember me. They’d remember the class president. Most people would.