What is ‘Texting Thumb’?
Let’s face it, nowadays…. We are dependent on technology
Nearly everyone owns a smartphone Nearly everyone texts or types… A LOT…
Unnaturally overusing their thumbs But thumb overuse & injury is nothing NEW
Before automatic washers… The injury was called ‘Washer Woman’s Thumb’
When new mothers overuse thumbs carrying babies, we call it… ‘Mother’s Thumb’
When video gamers overuse thumbs… ‘Nintendo Thumb’ ‘Gamer’s Thumb’ Now smartphone users
develop… ‘Text Claw’ ‘Blackberry Thumb’ ‘Texting Thumb’ Furthermore, the medical term
for the same condition is: DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis Overwhelmed? Its time we understood the actual
PROBLEM & SOLUTION! When thumbs flex, press
or text.. The weaker thumb extensor muscles (back of the thumb) contract… …to support
the stronger thumb flexor muscles (front of thumb) Multiply that action by high # of
text strokes and… Thumb extensor tendonitis occurs Weak extensor muscles of the thumb
are NOT trained for repetitive TEXTING We designed Handmaster Plus …to address the
complete health needs of the hand & thumb One easy, convenient exercise… strengthens
the 9 muscles that close the hand… as well as the 9 muscles that open the hand …resulting
in strength, stability & circulation throughout the hand & thumb and maximum hand & thumb
health Visit www.handmasterplus.com to learn more about complete, convenient hand & thumb
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