hey guys so in this video I just wanted
to give a huge shout out to Abigail and QUA NUTRITION okay so I’ve been working
with Abigail and QUA NUTRITION for the last about seven to eight months okay
but primarily I initially I only started off to get my body fat analysis done
okay so when I started with my body fat analysis I figured out where I was going
wrong okay and I was working out I was working out three days a week and I was
actually Recovering from an injury from an accident that I had okay and as I was
working out I realized that I could only do this much of workout okay but it
wasn’t improving my body fat was about 26% and that just dropped 1% after like
two months of hardcore workouts like three times a week
okay then I was like how do I make this happen how do I make this quicker okay
then I went to Abigail ( Dietitian At QUA NUTRITION ) and asked you to create a diet plan for me and she
created a holistic diet plan a diet plan that was more balanced like it had carbs,
it had protein it had all the foods that I could eat without causing any cravings
okay and I initially thought that it would be very hard to follow okay but as
soon as I just started following with just one meal or two meals a day okay
it became very easy to stick to that diet on a day to day basis …..so fast
forward two months later…… I had lost 10 kilograms and I dropped my body fat down to
about 22% in the two months then after about another one in one and half months
I dropped it to 19 and 18 percent okay now I’m actually a lighter and more
better-looking version of myself okay and the best part of this diet plan is
that it gave me a very sharp jawline okay so if I look at the pictures of my
former FAT SELF I could see that my face was with a double with a chin actually
okay and now it’s more chiseled okay because of the diet okay and this diet
has been easy to follow and I feel that I’d be following this diet for the rest
of my life at least about 70% you could say maybe 30% I’m I cheat on some foods
okay but for the most of my life I would follow this diet okay and it’s very
balanced it’s nutritious and it it adds value to my life it increases my focus
and it also helped me work better and not just you know achieve results on the
physical level okay so if you guys are thinking about working with Abigail at QUA NUTRITION for
your dietary needs okay I highly recommend her she’s one of the best CALL +91 97 4343 0000
To GET your diet plan