Since the beginning of time, people have sought resources, tools and knowledge… …for treating and preventing diseases and injury. From the use of ancient herbal knowledge to recent developments in the application of human avatars, man’s understanding of health and diseases has never stopped evolving. At the University of Twente, we are committed to carrying forward this quest for health and wellbeing… …by exploring and establishing new perspectives on 21st century healthcare. The sector today faces unprecedented change. From demographic shifts and game-changing technologies… …to rising life expectancy and an increase in chronic disease. In these shifting sands, our High Tech Human Touch philosophy has pushed us to the forefront of the industry. It combines leading science and technology – for example in nanotech and robotics… …with behavioural sciences and a strong focus on valorization. Our drive is to connect with the real challenges faced by patients, professionals and the industry at large. It is a drive that is unlocking new synergies, roles and specializations. The University of Twente’s new Technical Medical Centre brings all of this and more together. It is a pioneering innovation hub with a single goal: improving healthcare by personalized technologies at sustainable costs. One example of how our cross-disciplinary approach is changing healthcare is Technical Medicine, a new discipline developed here at the UT. Only recently recognized as an official healthcare profession, Technical Medicine, with its unique fusion of engineering and clinical medicine, is attracting worldwide attention. Together with our programmes in Health Science, Biomedical Engineering and life-long learning, it embodies the rich and future-oriented environment of the TechMed Centre. The TechMed Centre is a logical result of our university’s substantial and sustained investment in the health domain. It offers a gateway to a new and exciting world in which students, scientists, medical experts and entrepreneurs… …join forces to design, test and market high-impact healthcare innovations. Are you as excited as we are about the future of healthcare? Subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on social media or contact us today.