when many people think of AI is understandable that Alexa and Siri are the first things that come to mind but artificial intelligence has evolved beyond just chat BOTS and personal assistants on our phone and this is no more evident than set the field of health care so this week we’re going to take a look at how a AI is changing the health care experience now it should come as no surprise that Google has developed AI for use in the medical field they’ve created an AI that can diagnose eye disease and skin counselor now Google is not alone in this space there’s also medical AI that can detect the likelihood of heart failure from hearing just one bit of your heart or diagnosing dementia by analyzing the gate or stride of your walk AI does more than diagnose patients they can also improve patient care firms such as AI cure uses information about a patient to curate a treatment the yields of best results for that individual while companies from GE to a a doc and more seek to increase the accuracy of every phase of the medical process this includes clinical experiences the triaging process and applying deep learning to x-rays and radiology tests IBM Watson healthcare uses volumes of data to share a qualified second opinion on a diagnosis with the doctor while the bot MD app is a physician’s assistants on their phone it can transcribe dictated case notes organize files and provide clinical answers from industry journals and sources feel free to email me your questions and for news for Tucson I’m your tech contributor Quincy Hobbs