This video will show you how to sign up to
be a Team Nutrition School. Join an important network of schools working
towards healthier school nutrition and physical activity environments. Today, almost half of the schools participating
in the National School Lunch Program have signed up to be Team Nutrition Schools. Before you sign up your school, go to the
link “Find Your School” to check if your school has been already enrolled. Now that you know that your school is not
enrolled as a Team Nutrition School, here are the steps to sign up. To become a Team Nutrition School, you must
complete an enrollment form. To access the form, click the “Enroll”
link on the navigation menu or click on the access button “Join Team Nutrition Schools”. Once on the form you can see there are 5 sections
on the enrollment form page: they are Meals Program, School Information, School Type,
Grade Levels, and Staff Contact Information. The first section is the Meals Program. You are required to select at least one USDA
School Meals Programs that your school participates in by checking the boxes in front of each
program name. In our example, we’ll select the “National
School Lunch Program” and the “School Breakfast Program”
The second section is about school information. We’ll use a non-existing school as an example. You need to enter the official name of the
school with no abbreviation, and the street address. A second street address is optional. Next is the city, the district, and the county. To select the state, scroll through the available
options in the dropdown menu. Next is the zip code, which can be 5 digits
or 9 digits. Then, enter a 10 digits school phone number,
the school website following the example format, and the total number of enrollment in the
school. Once the school information is completed,
you can select the school type. You can check one or several boxes. In our example we’ll select Elementary and
Middle school. As you can see, the next section Grade
Levels is automatically populated. The checkboxes are still editable if you
need to change the selection. The last section is the Staff Contact Information. We ask that schools designate a Team Nutrition
Leader and have the support of their school principal. You’ll need to enter the Team Nutrition
Leader name, email, and phone number. You are also required to enter the School
Principal name and email, the Cafeteria Manager name and email, and the Wellness Coordinator
name and email. This information is needed for Team Nutrition
to send exclusive promotions to Team Nutrition Schools. Once you complete the form, please make sure
to review the information you provided before submitting it. Click “Submit”, after reviewing all the
information. A submission confirmation message is displayed,
and an e-mail will be sent out to the email addresses for the Team Nutrition Leader, School
Principal, Cafeteria Manager, and Wellness Coordinator that you provided. The email will confirm that the application
has been submitted and will be reviewed within 10 business days. If you submit the form with error(s) or if
required information is missing, the system will display an error message with the fields
that need to be reviewed. If you need additional assistance, please
email us at [email protected]