Hi, everyone. I’m Maria and this is Julissa and also Ethan. We are going to be making an amazing salad today with a vinaigrette dressing. What do you think a vinaigrette is? It contains oil, vinegar and herbs. That’s correct. The mixed greens, cucumber, and tomato in our salad are part of the Vegetables Food Group. This is shown as the green-shaded section of the MyPlate icon. Then we’re going to add this yummy apple from the Fruits Group, shown as the red section on my MyPlate. MyPlate reminds us to make half of our plates fruits and vegetables. What else do you think that we can add? Maybe low-fat cheese. Low-fat cheese is from the Dairy Food Group. So the dressing is not part of any of the food groups, although the oil inside the vinaigrette does have essential nutrients. Are we ready to make our salad? Yeah. Perfect. So the first step is you’re going to wet your hands with running water. Now apply soap, and you’re going to scrub your hands for about 20 seconds. Or, another tip you can do, is you can sing “Happy Birthday” twice. Under your nails, behind the hand get in-between your fingers. Then you can rinse your hands off. And now you’re going to use the paper towel to turn off the faucet. There you go! We’re going to go ahead and start with cleaning these herbs. Do we wash them the same way we wash our hands? No, we don’t use any soap or detergent on vegetables or fruit. So we’re just going to run this under some cool water over here and make sure that they’re all clean. And you’re going to make sure that the water runs through them. That’s going to be cool water, okay? And then, what’s this? A colander! Very good. So we’re ready to prepare our rinsed cucumber for our salad. So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to hold the cucumber like this firmly and we’re going to use this. What’s this? A peeler. Very good. You can see the blade in the middle is the one that’s going to actually cut it like a knife, and then the ones on the edges are going to prevent from us going into the cucumber. To make it look pretty, we’re going to partially peel it, so we have alternating strips of green and white. Hold it firmly, but not too tight, leaving some strips of green for color and nutrition. Now, to slice the cucumber, first we make sure we have our cutting board so that we have a sturdy surface that won’t wobble. Ask an adult to first cut the cucumber in half lengthwise. This will help the cucumber lie flat when you slice it into pieces. Then we’re going to lay it flat. Now, with one hand holding one end of the cucumber we use the same hand we write with to hold our knife and grip it firmly around the handle. And we take one slice at a time. Good job, Ethan. I kind of feel that you do it better than I do. What are we going to add to the salad first? Apples. Perfect. So, we going to put the apples.. First we make sure that we have our cutting board, so that we have a sturdy surface that won’t wobble. We take one slice at a time, placing the flat side of the apple slice down. With one hand holding the knife and one hand holding the apple, keep our other hand’s fingers curled so only our knuckles show. We take our knife and we make a downward motion, cutting the apple. The pieces of the apple should be about the same size as dice, like you use in a board game. That’s why this kind of chopping is called dicing. The tomatoes, then we’re also going to put 1/4 cup of cheese, the low-fat cheese that, remember, we did that earlier. Let’s go over some knife safety. Never leave knives in the sink, and always have an adult clean the knife and also dry it for you. All right, so now we’re going to make our vinaigrette. As you can see, we have our oil, we have our vinegar… and then we have our teaspoons and tablespoons. And they are in fractions of 1/4, 1/2, 1 tablespoon, and also 1/8, as you can see here, and these are used for dry and also wet ingredients. So we’re going to begin first with the vinegar. Can you help me with that? Yeah. Okay. So we’re going to do 1 tablespoon of vinegar. And then make sure that you fill it all the way to the top. That’s really important, for it to be precise. And make sure you hold it steady so we don’t make a mess, too. Okay? Perfect. Now we’re going to have oil. You want to help me with that? Yeah. Perfect. So there’s that, and we’ll move the bowl over here. Make sure it’s all the way to the top, and we don’t want to make a mess. Remember we had talked about that this has good, what? Nutrients? And now we’re going to do one more of those. Perfect. That’s good.. Has to be perfect. Exactly. It has to be perfect. And then we’re going to go ahead now and we’re going to put our herbs in. And so we’re going to have 1 tablespoon of our herbs. We take 1 tablespoon. There you can hold as well. Put it in there. This is going to give our salad a really nice taste, too. Now the salt. The salt’s very important because it’s going to give a little bit of flavor. We also don’t want to put too much salt. It’s going to be 1/4 teaspoon of salt. I’ll just use the back of the knife to, uh… Yes. And now we’re going to have a pinch of pepper. Okay. So the pinch of pepper is basically just going to be just a little pinch, like that. Great! We’re all set. We can either whisk this or we can put it in a jar. We’re going to dress the salad now. Okay, so you want to Who wants to do the… All right. Here you go. So pour it over. Perfect. Now we’re going to mix it all together. Okay. So make sure that, when you’re mixing it, that you get all the sides. Make sure you mix it really well. And after really taking our time to make a delicious salad, now let’s enjoy it. How do we like it? Good.