my lady a lady wigs and I'm Beatrice that door thank y'all so much for coming to tonight's event it's a benefit for babies battling bulimia beautiful bitter bitches already here in the buff race last year at Patty's pooches with prolapse garden party we did the road buds were in full bloom especially this one's date day I came alone you came with Carlos the gardener saliva water balloons I know you guys right here giving your time and your money to this lovely benefit for teeny tiny teeny tiny tots but I just want to know when you're gonna have some teeny tiny tots she'll be around there breathe I've always wanted some my doctor keeps telling me that my tester that my ovaries are just getting in the way you know I've always wanted to tell you something there's a secret behind the woman that you see here today oh no matter what you're about to tell me you will always be in my eyes my best girlfriends I used to have braces oh no that Sally Field that lied to me about the boniva hey squirrel-friends when one video ends just open up another one it's called binge-viewing good I support you