It’s workplace wellness month in Canada.
So think about it, how are you improving your wellness at the workplace? Hi everyone, I am Kara Martin, MUHC wellness
program coordinator and wellness blogger. The MUHC Wellness team is here to encourage
you to become a healthier, happier you through the improvement of your overall wellbeing.
As we spend a majority of our day at the workplace, it is a great way to improve our wellness
through any small change. Joining workplace wellness programs, taking
the stairs over the elevator, increasing water intake throughout the day, taking an active
work break, taking stretch breaks, and making healthy choices for lunch are all ways we
can improve our health during the workday. Everyone has different reasons for becoming
motivated to improve their health: perhaps it is to have more energy, achieve a healthier
weight, keep up with the kids or grandkids, improve mood, body image or self esteem.
Set your goals and become a healthier, happier you. Motivation? Although motivation is from you and for you,
you can be inspired by others AND you have the power to inspire others! Who can you inspire? You don’t need to have perfect wellness
to inspire others! ANYONE can be a leader for a healthy lifestyle. How can you be a champion for wellness in
the workplace? When you engage in even a small change or
make a small healthy choice rather than a less healthy choice you are setting an example.
Remember positive health choices are CONTAGIOUS. Start a wellness revolution in your workplace.
What can you encourage at work to help others engage in healthy choices? A healthy potluck?
A lunchtime walk with colleagues? An inspirational challenge, workshop or event? Remember: a healthy lifestyle is a journey
not a destination. The only place to start is where you are. Become healthier for you,
inspire others to do the same and spread the healthy lifestyle bug! Are you up to the challenge? The MUHC wellness team challenges you to try
these three challenges today. Start a weekly walk club Do a monthly healthy potluck Choose the stairs over the elevator once a
day Thanks for joining me today, if you’d like
to know more about workplace wellness, visit us at Share your stories
with me on the wellness blog, and email me your photos!